Phelim Mac Cafferty: Cuts to public services let our children down

A damning report released this week by Action for Children has revealed that a staggering 140,000 children referred to social services in England because of concerns for their welfare are not receiving help.

Cllr Alan Robins

Alan Robins: Welcoming football fans to our great city

Now that Brighton and Hove Albion have reached the exalted heights of the Premiership, it is likely that our city will become one of the most popular destinations in the league for away supporters and their families to visit, and stay over if they can. So what is awaiting the fans when they come here?

Peter Kyle, the Labour MP for Hove

Peter Kyle: National social care crisis hits Brighton and Hove

Britain’s ageing population means that more and more people are needing to access social care services.

Jo Fuller

Jo Fuller: A street party, piña coladas and Love Island

How do I know that summer is here? I’m wearing a big cardigan, looking out the window at the pouring rain and just about to switch on my electric blanket.

Tony Janio

Tony Janio: Convincing the young to vote Conservative

My {http://www.brightonandhoveindependent.co.uk/news/opinion/tony-janio-we-must-encourage-young-people-to-vote-1-8077844|previous article} mentioned that there are few things that are as important in life as voting, and that I was incredibly encouraged that June’s General Election turnout in the 18 to 24 age group was 72 per cent.

The Brighton Pebbles group

Supporting parents across the county

Most new parents have had The Panic

Warren Morgan, the Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council SUS-170126-092210001

Warren Morgan: Tourism is booming but we won’t stand still

Last weekend was a great success for Brighton and Hove, with nearly 400,000 joining in one of the biggest parties in the UK.

Ollie Tunmore and friends

COMMENT: The importance of Pride in 2017

After attending Brighton Pride this weekend, I was so moved by the event that I really feel the need to discuss the importance of Pride in 2017.
Phelim Mac Cafferty

Phelim Mac Cafferty: We won’t wait another 50 years for lasting equality

This weekend tens of thousands will take to the city’s streets celebrating our LGBT community.

Warren Morgan, the Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council SUS-170126-092210001

Warren Morgan: Pride in our open and welcoming city

This weekend Brighton and Hove opens its doors to thousands of people visiting the city to enjoy Pride, one of the biggest events of its kind nationally and one of the biggest in our calendar.

Nick Gibb MP is the Minister for Equalities

Nick Gibb: Celebrating progress and diversity at Brighton Pride

This weekend hundreds of thousands of people will be attending Pride in Brighton.

Alexia Rowley

COLUMN: Why parents are the bright future of our workforce

Alexia Rowley on why parenthood improves your performance at work.

Sam Knowles

Brighton Chamber: Top tips for better business storytelling

As soon as they’re asked to talk or write on behalf of a business, even the most eloquent people can speak in a way that’s never come out of any human’s mouth. Many adopt that most curious of dialects: Business English.

David Farey

Our final resting place should be exactly that

As a vicar I obviously conduct funerals. It is a great privilege to help family and friends to both grieve and celebrate a person’s life.

Tony Janio

Tony Janio: We must encourage young people to vote

At last week’s Full Council meeting I was very pleased to support a call for greater efforts to encourage young people in the city to register to vote.

Warren Morgan, the Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council SUS-170126-092210001

Warren Morgan: We must continue to innovate and evolve

Change is happening on our seafront. Investment in new and old, in our heritage and our economy, is gathering pace.

Stunning Sweetbreads at Pascere

Tom Flint: A highly polished dining experience

Dining out in Brighton and Hove has never been as exciting and interesting as it is right now. Existing restaurants have continued to improve, consistently pushing the standards higher, and with each new opening this trend continues.


COMMENT: Hidden threat of cybercrime under the radar – but no longer

The humble bobby on the beat is the traditional symbol of security.

Phelim MacCafferty

Phelim MacCafferty: We are on the right path to support the city’s trans community

This Saturday I will once again join the trans community as we celebrate Trans Pride which is five years old this year. 
I wish everyone who is taking part all the best. 
Back in 2012 the Green Party Councillors established the first Trans Equality Scrutiny Panel. As chair of the panel, we made 37 recommendations to improve the lives of trans people in our city. It became clear from our scrutiny that trans people were subject to vicious harassment and institutional discrimination. We identified that not enough has been done to help our trans residents play their full part in society.

A feast of cheese and meat at The Great British Charcuterie Co.

Tom Flint: A celebration of British cheese and charcuterie

When I think of cheese and charcuterie, the UK does not immediately spring to mind as being a leading producing nation.

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