Opinion: Imminent UK cuts to mothers’ tax credits are an assault on women’s human rights

Angela O’Hagan is a lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University. Here she looks at how a change in tax credits for parents who have more than two children is an attack on women’s rights.

Brighton chiropractor Matthew Bateman

Video: Back-strengthening exercises with Brighton chiropractor Matthew Bateman

Matthew Bateman will help Independent readers to improve their body and health through short and easy to understand videos.

Henri Pierre Picou's depiction of Romeo and Juliet. Courtesy of Wilkipedia Commons

Bakery Bulletin by Philippa Kelly: Shakespeare’s influence on Apri Fools’ Day

Romeo and Juliet. Act III, Scene I. Mercutio is talking to his pal Romeo: “What fool enters this night of revelry, Sweet Juliet expects none less than thee, She looks for her first kiss with Romeo, But thou dost leave before moonlight’s first glow.”

Jo Fuller's latest piercing

Jo Fuller: A pox party, guilt-free new shoes and a pain-free piercing

Chickenpox is generally a good gauge that Spring is on its way, as is the macabre tradition of hosting a chickenpox party.

Toby Buckle

Toby Buckle: Tips on reducing stress

T oby Buckle, co-founder of the Healthy Leadership Project led a recent Brighton Chamber Bite-sized on stress at work

Masala fish and chips at Curry Leaf Cafe

Tom Flint: Raising a glass to English Tourism Week

It is no secret that Brighton is a city that thrives on its tourism and hospitality industry, with 10 million visitors each year who spend around £800 million in the city. Brighton’s reputation as a holiday destination is well known, and has a long history, but it has become more than just another seaside town.

Warren Morgan, Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council

Warren Morgan: Women’s rights should be celebrated and protected

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. Fifty years ago this summer, my mum left her job with Brighton Borough Council in Royal York Buildings on the Steine to deal with the small matter of my arrival. It would be another seven years before statutory maternity leave was introduced, and 15 more before all women qualified by right, so she had little option.

A bagel

Bakery Bulletin by Philippa Kelly: The many meanings of bagel

Bugan is an Old English word meaning “to bend”. From this, we get the Old English for “ring” - Beag.

Brighton chiropractor Matthew Bateman

Video: Neck strengthening exercises from Brighton chiropractor Matthew Bateman

Matthew Bateman will help Independent readers to improve their body and health through short and easy to understand videos.

Phelim Mac Cafferty

Phelim Mac Cafferty: Education is for all, not just a privileged few

Under the Conservative Government, money for our schools is being cut. 
In real terms, schools nationwide are set to lose £3 billion a year by 2020. Schools are struggling to make ends meet with costs rising for building maintenance, staff pensions and resources.

Roast beef at The Earl of March

Tom Flint: Some top notch country-pub cuisine

At the recent Sussex Food Awards, The Earl of March was named Sussex Eating Experience of the year, quite an accolade when you think about it. Following their victory I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to try it for myself and booked a table for a Sunday afternoon. Now we all know that the Sunday roast is sacred in these lands, and the best is always made at home. Every now and then, however, it is nice to get out into the countryside and get someone else to provide the food.

Council leader Warren Morgan

Warren Morgan: We deserve better than division and uncertainty

This week the future of 17,000 Brighton and Hove residents was thrown into uncertainty when Parliament refused to guarantee the rights of other EU citizens to remain here. These are our neighbours, friends, work colleagues and partners. These are people our businesses and public services depend on.

Soda bread by Heather Kennedy, on Wiki Commons

Bakery Bulletin by Philippa Kelly: Enjoy St Patrick’s Day and a slice of soda bread

St Patrick’s Day is on the seventeenth of March. It’s always on the seventeenth of March.

Katy Bourne

Sussex PCC's video log - Listen Live: Fraud and Elder Exploitation

On Thursday 23 March PCC Katy Bourne will hold the first of four public debates as part of her new 'Listen Live' programme.

Opinion 6
Mr Faz Pakarian, consultant gynaecologist, at The Montefiore Hospital in Hove

Recognising the symptoms of a ‘silent killer’

It is often called ‘the silent killer’ but early detection can lead to successful treatment for women suffering from ovarian cancer says Mr Faz Pakarian, consultant gynaecologist, at The Montefiore Hospital in Hove.

Sophie Cook together with officers from Surrey Police at a recent transgender awareness training event

Sophie Cook: Take pride in the police

I was deeply disappointed to see that the National Union of Students transgender conference recently voted to try to block police from attending Pride events.

Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

A struggle worth undertaking

So now we know.  Theresa May has given up crisps for Lent.

Opinion 2
Brighton chiropractor Matthew Bateman

Video: Suspension training mountain climbers to strengthen core stability muscles from Brighton chiropractor Matthew Bateman

This exercise helps strengthen the core stability muscles during dynamic movements.

Rob Da Costa

Rob Da Costa: Bite-sized marketing tips on how to be heard in a crowded market

Many of us provide products or services in a crowded and busy market place, so how do you ensure you stand out and are communicating messages that resonate with your target audience?

Cllr Geoffrey Theobald

Geoffrey Theobald: Thank you to the young people who spoke out

I was extremely pleased with the outcome of the council’s budget meeting a couple of weeks ago. We managed to get agreement on five out of our six amendments which made all the hard work we have put into the process worthwhile. Our successes included:

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