Eating Out

Eating Out

Tom Flint: Family food breathing new life into pub

In 1972 the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin declared that the country’s Asian population had 90 days to leave. At that time this amounted to approximately 60,000 citizens who had built lives and businesses in the country. Around 30,000 of these people were British passport holders and were forced to leave everything behind and return to the country. Many arrived penniless, having been robbed of their possessions and assets before leaving the country, and their new home was not the most welcoming in many cases.

Eating Out
Sweet potato pancakes. Picture: Love Sweet Potatoes

Flipping good savoury pancake recipes

With Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Day, on Tuesday, February 28, we round up two tasty savoury pancake recipes.

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Berryworld strawberry, toasted almond and caramel pancakes. Picture:

Try these delicious pancake recipes

You may stick to your favourite pancake toppings every year, but this Shrove Tuesday (February 28) try something a little different.

Eating Out
Steven Edwards

Former Masterchef: The Professionals winner to open restaurant in Brighton

Steven Edwards, one of the youngest ever winners of MasterChef: The Professionals (2013), is set to open the doors of his first restaurant, etch, in Brighton on Friday March 24.

64 Degrees chef owner Michael  Bremner and head chef Sam Lambert with awards cofounders Patrick McGuigan and Euan Mcdonald (Photograph: Roarke Pearce) SUS-170221-124500001

Brighton and Hove’s top 20 restaurants revealed

The very best of Brighton and Hove’s food scene was celebrated at Brighton’s Best Restaurants awards on Monday night (February 20).

Eating Out
Lamb shank a triumph of meaty proportions at Hotel du Vin

Tom Flint: Wine glasses - Size really does matter

Wine, wine lovely wine, what a wonderful creation it is. 
Human beings have been making and enjoying wine for centuries and it must go down as one of our greatest achievements. 
 Give me wine over the wheel any day. Enjoyment of wine is something can bring people from all backgrounds together. However, there are some people who take their enjoyment of wine to a whole new level, a level that can be a little bit offensive to some.

A pie bird. Photo by Theocopse

Bakery Bulletin by Philippa Kelly: The rarely-heard song of the pointless pie bird

A pie whistle, a pie funnel, a pie vent, a pie chimney, a pie bird, and a partridge in a pear tree, are all the same thing.

Brighton Gin bar was a welcome addition

Tom Flint: The silent heroes of Sussex food and drink

Awards season is well and truly upon us. Last week we saw the launch of the BRAVO Awards, Brighton’s first 100 per cent public vote based awards, and later this month the Brighton’s Best Awards will be announced. 
 Whilst these are both tremendously exciting, this week I will be telling you all about The Sussex Food and Drink Awards 2017, that were announced at a black-tie bash at the AMEX in Brighton.

A Madeleine by Lionel Allorge SUS-170602-102514001

Bakery Bulletin by Philippa Kelly: Super little shell-like sponges

This week’s Bulletin takes us to France, (not literally - that would be a tremendous waste of time) and not just any part of France, but the Lorraine region.

A Taste of the Pier at The Salt Room

Newspaper names three Brighton restaurants among the top 100 in Britain

Three Brighton restaurants have been included in The Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants supplement, which is published on this coming Sunday (February 5).

Malt loaf

Bakery Bulletin by Philippa Kelly

In 1890, the United States granted a patent to a Scotsman called John Montgomerie.

Brewing herbs to cleanse, nurture and restore body and soul

VIDEO: The power of plants to help us remember, digest and love

As a nation we are seeing a growing resurgence and desire for more natural remedies to support our health.

Haggis at Brighton Harbour Hotel

Tom Flint: Positive and unifying national nosh

Food plays a central role in our culture with specific types of food becoming synonymous with a country or cultural movement. 
This is often used as a means of ridicule, such as the French referring to English people as roast beef, or that period in time when my mate Ben used culinary-based insults when getting into arguments with people in Bristol. For the most part, however, this cultural association with food is a positive one, unifying groups of people who are proud of the produce of their home.

Advanced pancakes and bullet proof coffee

Tom Flint: Fluffy pancakes and coffee with butter

Café culture is well and truly a part of our city, in fact Brighton was named the coffee capital of the UK in 2014. Everywhere you look there will more than likely be a café in sight and it is rumoured that wherever you are in the city, you will be no more than 100 yards from a café (I may have just made that up).

What is the most important ingredient in your full English breakfast?

What is the most important ingredient in your full English breakfast?

For many Brits there’s nothing better than a greasy, full English but with so much to include on the plate, what’s your must-have ingredient?

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Brighton's Best Restaurants 2016 award

Awards night for the city’s top restaurants

Brighton’s leading restaurant awards and Brighton Gin are putting together a crack team of dedicated diners, picked from the general public, to cast their vote in this year’s hotly anticipated list of the city’s top 20 restaurants.

Peach frangipane tart By Kimberly Vardeman

Bakery Bulletin by Philippa Kelly: Breaking bread, and almonds, and custard...

“Frangere il pane” literally means “to break the bread”.

Healthy food at the Body Fuel Caf�

Tom Flint: Healthy options for everyone to enjoy

I have always considered myself to be someone who generally eats well. Unfortunately, my definition of eating well is quite different to the sort that many attempt around this time of year. It turns out that eating well and eating healthily are not necessarily the same thing.

Sussex Food and Drink Awards 2016 at the Amex Stadium.

Huge support for the county’s premier food awards

Sussex Food and Drink Awards 2017 has attracted more than 13,000 public votes to recognise the county’s brightest and best food professionals.

Eating Out
Pink Panther wafers

Bakery Bulletin by Philippa Kelly: Awesome Pink Panther wafers

Henry Mancini wrote film scores for more than one hundred motion pictures.

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