Caro Emerald is back on the road with her latest tour

Charlotte Harding catches up with Caro Emerald to find out more about her latest tour.

Thursday, 4th October 2018, 11:20 am
Updated Thursday, 4th October 2018, 11:24 am
Caro Emerlad
Caro Emerlad

For fans of Caro Emerald it seems the release of her third album is not on the horizon any time soon.

“We are just focusing on touring but I am always in the process of making an album,” the Dutch singer reveals.

“I have been doing songs and we will work on them but I don’t like testing new songs out on a tour as I like it to be a surprise for fans when they listen to the album.

Caro Emerald

“I don’t think of it as a circle of album, tour, album, tour.

“It is just something we do as we tour and the album is about using songs I am happy with so if there is some great, if not then we will wait.”

Caro’s last studio album ‘The Shocking Miss Emerald’ was released in 2013 and in that time she has released EPs and live recordings, but her passion is touring.

The last tour ‘Emerald Island’ took fans to far flung countries with a distinct holiday feel to it, this time the theme is ‘roots’.

“I am looking at the roots of music,” she explains.

“So looking at jazz, swing and mambo, just having more authentic sounds.”

This means that Caro will be going through her back catalogue and doing things a little bit differently such as looking at how the beats are put together and stripping some songs back to do acoustically.

“It is a challenge for me to pick a theme though,” she says.

“We do a tour pretty much every year so it is finding things that people want to come and see while making it interesting for them.

“When people come to my concert they are stepping out of their world and into mine. For me coming to my show should be an experience, visually and musically.

“It is like stepping into a film, and people are still coming which is great.”

When compiling the set list Caro says there are many songs she would never skip as the audience expect her to sing them and she adds that she has to think about what they want as the show is for them.

“I love ‘I Know That He’s Mine’,” she reveals. “I know it is a sad song but I love performing it.

“It maybe on the set list but we are always looking and changing it and even once we start performing we can still change it then.”

Since the release of her multi-platinum debut album ‘Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor’ in 2010 Caro has undertaken a number of tours over the years and explains how she enjoys it a lot more now than in the beginning.

“I have a great team around me and before songs wouldn’t work and I didn’t know why but now we sit down and work on it,” she adds.

“I enjoy it more now as before I used to work so hard whereas now it is a lot more natural to me.”

Caro’s work with producers Grandmono has been described as creating ‘their own niche, blending retro jazz while sampling modern pop with Caro’s exceptional vocals’ it is why her music has such longevity taking notes of nostalgia but for a modern audience.

The singer also recently performed at London’s O2 as part of birthday celebrations for the iconic Quincy Jones who turned 85.

“It was such an honour to be part of it,” she smiles. “It was so inspirational with such a mix of people who have been performing for years and new talent it was such an honour to share a stage with all these people.

“And Quincy Jones is such a legend.

“The atmosphere around the audience was electric people just wanted to have a great time.”

With a passion for touring and connecting with her fans I’m sure this feeling will be recreated on her current tour.

Caro is playing the Brighton Centre on October 20. Tickets on sale now from 0844 811 0051 or via 0844 826 2826 For more information on Caro visit her website -