Paul Carrack offers songs of appreciation for Brighton Centre date

Another year, another tour. Paul Carrack is delighted to be so busy.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 7:57 am
Paul Carrack Photo: Peter Van Hooke
Paul Carrack Photo: Peter Van Hooke

“The gigs are all part of the mix, but the gigs have always been the lifeblood and fortunately it seems to be thriving at the moment.”

The tour brings him to the Brighton Centre on March 16.

“It is a good time to be on the road. Well, for me at least. But I suppose I have history and I have something to say, and people are coming to see us. People are not going to the cinema, but fortunately people are still going to gigs. It is fantastic that people still have the appetite.”

Paul tours with all the freedom of the independent artist he is: “But it is hard won. It didn’t come easily. It has been hard work getting myself into this position and I have had lots of people to help me, without the help of the major record labels and promoters.

“I have just gradually built a reputation for being consistent. Nothing is guaranteed. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the business, but that’s never been the attraction to us. We are always very mindful of putting on a good show every time.

“I am not really a show-off type person. I am fairly shy. I am not desperate for attention, but I know that people have put in the effort to come along to the shows and have paid good money. We are determined never to be complacent with them.”

Paul is delighted to count as one of his two drummers in the band his son Jack: “It happened quite organically. My original drummer is still with me and has been with me for 20 years. Jack, my son, was playing percussion in an acoustic duo, and we invited them to support us. They were just really young kids, and it was suggested at the end that we get Jack to join us. We all loved it, and he gradually became part of the band.

“It’s great. It’s a good relationship. All my kids are grown up.

“The other three are doing more conventional jobs. I have a got one in IT, a physiotherapist and my youngest daughter has graduated in the performing arts and done a masters. One of her main things is puppets, the War Horse type thing.

“But this is really good for Jack. It is not nepotism. He is there on merit, and it is great to have him. We are a solid band. We have had the same members for 20 years. There is a lovely commitment within the band.”

Paul’s latest album These Days came out last September: “And it has received some really good critical acclaim. We have not had the usual support we have enjoyed in the past from Radio 2.

“I think it is a really good album, and I think a couple of years ago it would have been really perfect for them. It is quite a grown-up album, but I think Radio 2 are going through a period of transition at the moment…

“I start every album with a blank sheet of paper. Six of the songs I have written with Chris Difford who is a great lyricist. They are songs about growing up and trying to appreciate and enjoy all the great things that we have got going for us in our families and in our lives.”