Protest, lift the gloom and take up a free choir place in Brighton!

Free choir places are up for grabs for young people across Brighton and Hove '“ thanks to Hullabaloo Quire.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 9:20 am
Hullabaloo Quire
Hullabaloo Quire

Spokeswoman Sarah Gordon said: “Many under 35s in Brighton and Hove are facing some of the toughest conditions to live and work in for some time. High rents, impossible house prices, significant political and economic changes on the horizon, major environmental issues in the headlines daily, long commutes on expensive trains…. the list goes on.

“To remedy this, a local choir is offering free places to young people across Brighton and Hove to join them this term when their repertoire centres around beautiful protest songs calling for and demanding political change and social justice.

“Working with activist folk singer, Grace Petrie, who recently sold out Brighton’s Komedia, it is the ideal opportunity to get angry and shout about all those things wrong in the world today, find solace, create beautiful harmony and benefit from the many positives singing in a group brings.

“Grace’s clever and poignant music strikes a chord with young people, many of whom are currently suffering the effects of austerity and prejudice. Her most recent track Black Tie is furiously funny, lively, loving, and hopeful. It’s an anthem to the positive, life-changing possibilities of protest songs.

“Free places on offer to young adults who are financially disadvantaged are offered on a first come first served basis, so do get in touch with Hullabaloo Community Quire, one of Brighton’s oldest and well-loved choirs, as soon as possible.

“If you feel strongly about making an impact in today’s society, are angry and want your voice heard or want to meet new people in the city, then come and join Hullabaloo Quire for it’s Protest Term! Hullabaloo is a totally open access choir, and the venue is accessible for all. No experience is necessary, and there is no need to be able to read music. Everyone is more than welcome!”

For more chance, email [email protected]