REVIEW: Lorde brings Melodrama world tour to the Brighton Centre

The New Zealand star brought theatrics, dancers and a set list packed with her best hits to Brighton on Saturday (September 30).

Monday, 2nd October 2017, 5:11 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 4:32 am
Lorde performing at the Brighton Centre. Pictures by Ollie Tunmore

Having spent the summer touring the world’s finest festivals, including show-stopping sets at Glastonbury, Lollapalooza and Coachella, Lorde brought her dramatic ‘Melodrama world tour’ to a sold-out Brighton Centre.

Beginning the tour on September 26 in Manchester, Lorde (real name Ella) brought energy, charm and raw emotion to the 4,500 fans.

Following a fantastic, energetic and slick performance from American break-through star, Khalid, Lorde opened her set with the hit collaboration with English DJ’s, Disclosure, titled ‘Magnets’.

Lorde performing at the Brighton Centre. Pictures by Ollie Tunmore

Arriving on stage to a dark and mysterious set, in long, black, witch-like-attire, she brought a sense of theatrical tension and elegance to the large stage.

Continuing to perform hits from her globally successful debut album ‘Pure Heroine’ such as ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Buzzcut Season’, she also added in one track off her latest album titled ‘Sober’.

She relentlessly threw nothing but passion into her performances, playing off the audience’s positive reception, it was evidently clear how enjoyable she was finding the set.

Taking a moment to converse with fans, she exclaimed how thrilled she was to ‘be in our lovely seaside town for the first time ever’ and how thrilled she is to ‘be able to visit new places of the world and see faces she’s never seen before’. She then transitioned into a video interlude and costume-change.

Lorde performing at the Brighton Centre. Pictures by Ollie Tunmore

The interlude saw a total blackout on the stage, except for a small retro TV to the right hand side of the stage. The screen played assorted video clips accompanied with audio of Lorde and the various clips, adding to the dark dramatic tone of the set.

Returning to the stage in an angelic white lace dress completed with her classic twist of white trainers, she then continued to perform a further six songs; a mix of old, new and a jaw-dropping, acoustic cover of Phil Collins’ iconic ‘In the Air Tonight’.

Before a heart-wrenching performance of Melodrama ballad ‘Liability’, the star spent almost ten minutes explaining the creative process of the album, and then the song ahead.

“This track is about when you feel like you are too much for someone,” she discussed. “I remember crying in the back of a taxi feeling like that, and that’s how this song came about. This is for anyone who has ever felt anything like this before,” she emotionally stated before continuing.

Lorde performing at the Brighton Centre. Pictures by Ollie Tunmore

Following another video interlude and costume/set change, she rounded up the theatrical show with some of her best-known tracks, including ‘Royals’, ‘Supercut’ and the euphoric ‘Perfect Places’.

The crowd were truly alive with energy and love for the NZ star by this point, following her every command and dancing around the centre.

Concluding with lead-single off the latest album ‘Green Light’ with confetti, Lorde finished her triumphant set in style.

Returning for a one-song encore of ‘Loveless’, the audience were teased with one more short yet ever dramatic performance before the end of the night.

Lorde performing at the Brighton Centre. Pictures by Ollie Tunmore

Shouting “Thank you Brighton, I love you!” as she ran off in her bold red dress, the show concluded and the thousands of fans begrudgingly made their way home.

The Melodrama World Tour continues. For a full list of dates, click here: