How to create your own solo show

Award-winning theatre company Brighton-based Something Underground are again presenting their long-running hit-making course Grow Your Own Solo Show… in September.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 12:13 pm
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown

Artistic director Jonathan Brown said: “They say everyone’s got at least one novel in them.

“But for actors it’s closer to being a solo show.

“Creating your own solo show is certainly a departure from constant auditions, and taking your career into your own hands, and creating your own show, is certainly one way out of a cycle of applications, rejections and waiting for the big break.

“So say Something Underground Theatre, who guide you through the steps, in their tried and tested Grow Your Own Solo Show course.”

The course will be led by Jonathan who has been creating solo shows for himself and others since 2006,.

Jonathan has also mentored many successful and award-winning acts.

“Many actors wait for their opportunities, but if you’ve got half a mind to get proactive and make your own opportunities, even while you wait for that Hollywood call, you’ll never regret knowing that it was you that in the end that made it happen.

“And your one-person show is a great calling card, showing off all your talents, and can be an incredible confidence boost”

Jonathan added: “The main thrust of the course is to work on your material and how you present it, culminating in a scratch performance showcase with expert direction and feedback from the other participants.

“There’s time for talking production issues too.”

“With only six places, there’s plenty of airtime for each participant, and since 2012 many of the 55 previous participants have gone on to have considerable critical success, including Brighton Fringe awards, and many great reviews.

“You don’t have to be local, or an actor, or even an award-winner, to tell a story.

“You just have to feel you’ve a story to tell. The course is open to absolutely anyone of any ability from complete beginners to seasoned performers.”

Encouragement will be mutual: “It’s always a very supportive environment.

“Everyone learns from everyone, and it’s not all about critical success.”

The course runs from September 21-October 19.