Provocative coming-of-age comedy at the Brighton Fringe.

Girl World is a playful and provocative coming-of-age comedy heading to the Brighton Fringe.

Friday, 24th May 2019, 11:17 am
Girl World
Girl World

Performances are on May 24 at 7pm and May 25 at 7pm at Junkyard Dogs: The Doghouse, Brighthelm Centre, North Road.

Beth Sitek, company producer, said: “Tilly and Inga exist in a surreal bubble called Girl World where the only rule is ‘No boys allowed!’ It starts off a pop-tastic, musical playground where the best friends wreak anarchy, hilarity and imagination. They’ve never met anyone else and have never wanted to. But when Tilly thinks the unthinkable and asks ‘Is there anybody out there?’, Girl World descends into a foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed battleground with both girls vying for dominance against each other.

“Expect non-stop laughter, love songs, brutal wrestling, pop-star posturing and Beckett-tinged woe-begotten-ness on a journey of genuine friendship between two girls who are growing up.”

“We made Girl World to tell a different kind of coming of age story that focuses upon female experiences of puberty as opposed to adulthood which is something we believe to be a well-trodden territory; to tell a story that many people have experience of, and through performance, we invite everyone to share those experiences about a topic none of us could escape; and to share a hilarious true story from our writer Camille!

“Girl World audiences are forward-thinking, music-loving and strong-hearted. They are people who want to be transported into a femme-tastic wonderland! This is for people who want to have a fun, uplifting evening, but also engage with discussions and reminiscences about their own childhoods and to revel in female-led anarchic work. Our audiences tend to have an appetite for experimentation and are definitely up for a laugh!

“Girl World is not just for girls: our audiences span gender, sexuality, race and age and we believe it is a story that everyone should hear.

“Girl World started as a collaboration as a brother and sister team, Camille writing and Franklin composing songs and lyrics. We have since expanded the group and now have an array of young artists on board. The production company of Girl World are diverse in terms of gender, race and orientation. We have varied backgrounds but have come together with a shared desire to champion female-focused story and experience!

“What has been of most significance to us when making Girl World is the play’s focus on childhood and the individual and interpersonal development of the characters. It is important to us that the seemingly innocent aesthetic and story of Girl World foreshadows a testing ground for later life, where cultural mores and restrictions can be imaginatively negotiated. In this way, although a comedy, Girl World takes on a broader resonance with its audiences and offers a unique contribution to contemporary discussions regarding sexual politics and female development.”