Trenchmore beef risotto

An impressive new menu at The Set, Brighton

Fine dining and higher end cuisine can sometimes seem a little daunting but amazing standards don’t have to be accompanied by snottiness and self-importance.

Diners in Brighton and Hove are fortunate that the best joints are, largely, inclusive, unpretentious and welcoming.

The Set is a great example of this and deserves its spot on the top table of our restaurant scene.

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Top tips to say goodbye to smelly dog breath

Top tips to say goodbye to smelly dog breath

A recent survey revealed some of the unusual and potentially dangerous remedies dog owners’ resort to when trying to combat their dog’s bad breath. But did you know brushing your dogs’ teeth with human toothpaste or human dental products can be potentially dangerous?

Jo Fuller

A surfeit of squirrels

Have you ever been squirrel fishing? Have you ever used squirrels in your baking? Have you ever boarded a flight with a squirrel? These unusual questions have presented themselves to me over the past few weeks. 

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