'Cereal and doodle cafe' opens in Brighton

They've been popping up in London over the last few years, but now a cereal cafe has opened its doors in Brighton.

Friday, 1st June 2018, 5:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:45 pm
Oskar de Rocha and Kostya Petrov in Brighton Cereal Cafe

Brighton Cereal Cafe launched today (June 1) in the basement of Cafe Trafe, Trafalgar Street, co-owned by two friends, Oskar de Rocha and Kostya Petrov.

When asked why they decided to open a cereal cafe, Mr de Rocha said that he loved cereals as a child, even leading to being banned from eating it at times.

But now he can fill his boots, as his new venture stocks hundreds of different cereals from all over the world.

Oskar de Rocha and Kostya Petrov in Brighton Cereal Cafe

The duo have also devised a variety of cereal combinations, including ‘Over The Rainbow’, a combination of Unicorn Fruit Loops, Bubblegum milk, Marshmallows, and hundreds and thousands.

The cafe stocks 20 different kinds of milk, and customers can add toppings to their cereals, such as marshmallow syrup and Bourbon biscuits.

Other foods on the menu include pop tarts, rice crispy cakes, doughnuts, a selection of drinks, as well as ice-cream.

Brighton Cereal Cafe also allows customers to doodle across its walls and ceiling, with pens and markers, with owners calling it 'Brighton's first cereal and doddle cafe'.