Cheapest places for petrol in Sussex revealed

Following a recent study conducted by Skoda dealership Station Garage, the best value fuel stations in Sussex can now be revealed.

Tuesday, 20th December 2016, 4:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 10:26 pm
Where to find the cheapest fuel, according to Station Garage

The news is currently awash with reports that forecourt prices are expected to increase in 2017 from around 69p per litre (£3.14 a gallon) to approximately 71p a litre (£3.24 a gallon).

With this in mind, Station Garage set out to find the best value petrol and diesel stations in Sussex.

With consumer petrol prices as low as 110.7p per litre the Asda Superstore in Brighton Marina came out on top.

A close second was the Sainsbury’s petrol station in West Hove, which boasted petrol prices as low as 111.9p per litre.

Offering best value for diesel was Jempsons Superstore in Rye, with prices at 111.9p per litre.

Morrisons in Eastbourne followed, coming in at 112.7p per litre.

With the county average reaching around 117.9p per litre of petrol and 119.9p per litre of diesel, Station Garage’s research could help Sussex drivers save as much as 7.2p per litre on petrol and 8p per litre on diesel.

James Thorpe, Dealer Principal at Station Garage in Broadbridge Heath, said: “As a family run dealership proud to be situated in Sussex, we were intrigued to find out for our customers the best fuel prices available.

“It has been reported that oil price could go up as much as 9p a litre, adding almost £5 to the cost of filling up an average family car.

“With fuel prices expected to rise in early 2017, we hope our research will help Sussex drivers save money going into the New Year.”

Please note: costs correct at time of writing 5.12.16