Brighton mums launch new course for postnatal recovery

Three self-employed mums have joined forces to create a complete postnatal recovery programme for new mums during lockdown.

Monday, 7th September 2020, 9:14 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th September 2020, 5:22 pm
The founders of The 360 Mama

The online course, named ‘The 360 Mama’ due to its holistic approach towards postnatal recovery, is believed to be the first of its kind – offering a unique combination of nutrition, self-massage and physiotherapy.

It launched Wednesday, September 9.

With 25 years experience between them, The 360 Mama is the brainchild of Hannah West, Chloe Manlay and Emma Bradley, all of which live in Brighton and Hove. Experts in their individual fields as a soft tissue and scar massage therapist, a registered nutritionist/yoga teacher and women's health physiotherapist/Pilates instructor respectively, they met through their shared passion for women’s health.

The women have four young children between them, and personal experience with the various types of birth.

Co-founder, Emma Bradley said: “A recent study* found that the postnatal period is an underserved aspect of maternity care, which will come as no shock to most. Let’s face it, after the six week check, you’re pretty much on your own! So many women are struggling with their postnatal recoveries and simply don’t know where to turn.”

The trio had been talking about creating an ‘ultimate postnatal recovery programme’ for some time, seeing the need for a truly accessible, one-stop destination, for expert advice and support.

When the lockdown came in they said it felt like their duty to deliver The 360 Mama. They knew it was a much-needed resource in its own right, but especially for new mums, struggling without the usual ‘mum and baby’ groups and face-to-face medical appointments, to rely on.

Emma continued: “If you are even lucky enough to have a six week GP check, it isn’t the all-clear to return to previous exercise, and certainly doesn’t mean everything is ’back to normal‘. There is so much more to full postnatal recovery - and that’s where we can help.

“We know how easy it is to focus all your time and energy on your new baby and forget about your own needs. Unfortunately, this can lead to long-term consequences for your mind and

body. It's something we see in our clinics all too often.

“Too many mothers struggle with long-term issues related to poor postpartum recovery, and ongoing pain or fatigue, believing they are simply part and parcel of birthing their baby. But it doesn’t have to be like this. With the right support and expert knowledge, it is possible to make a quick and complete recovery from birth. We want to encourage women to prioritise self-care and help them to feel healthier and stronger than ever before, ready to take on everything motherhood has to offer.”

There are two variations of the programme; for vaginal and C-section births and can be started at any time; during pregnancy, as soon as you have given birth, up to around six months postnatal. They cover everything needed for new mums to heal after childbirth, from the inside out. This includes movement, pelvic floor health, breathwork, self-massage and nutrition.

Emma said: “This programme is the only one of its kind, that truly takes a holistic view on postpartum recovery. It’s not just focusing on the pelvic floor and core - although yes we talk about this a lot - but gives you the information to create your own self-care toolkit that will not only speed up your recovery time, but will support your health and wellbeing for years to come.”

Immunologist Dr. Jenny Macciochi, from Brighton, is a mum of five year old twins. She was one of the first to test the new programme and remarked: “The 360 Mama programme is fantastic, I haven't seen anything this comprehensive before and it's so needed. During pregnancy we take such good care of ourselves but when the baby comes our wellbeing sadly seems to move to the bottom of the list as we get to grips with mum-life. This programme offers an accessible way to get your body and nutrition back on track. I love the small commitment to time; the bite-size videos make it something mums can realistically incorporate into their already hectic daily routines. If you’re a new or soon-to-be mama, I’d highly recommend checking it out.”

The programme, priced at £99, will be reduced to £49 for the first month. They are 100 per cent online, available 24/7 and include a mixture of written and video tutorials - so participants can learn at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home.

The 360 Mama course launches on Teachable on Wednesday 9th September 2020 and can be accessed via