Juno the natural skin care brand made with care and passion


Disappointed with the results her skin care products were giving her, Julie decided to create a her own products.

Everyone has heard of the saying ‘you are what you eat’, but surely the same could be said for what you feed your skin.

Juno Skincare

Juno Skincare

When Julie Johannsen, founder of Juno Skincare, became disillusioned with the skin care products she was using, she decided to make her own.
She said: “I didn’t want to use products that were created using man made chemicals on my skin.
“I am a hairdresser and yoga teacher but was always interested in holistic therapies, so I started to research plant based oils and essential oils to create something that nourished and hydrated the skin.”

Julie started making products for herself in 2014, but it was after being diagnosed with cancer that led to her launching the business.
“Doctors found lesions under my tongue and I was diagnosed with cancer, I underwent chemo and radiotherapy for my treatment.”
David, Julie’s husband and creative director at the brand, said: “When it hits the fan it just makes you realise that you have to take opportunities as they come.”
Julie added: “I decided that I needed to look at my whole skin care routine. I cleanse, tone and moisturise so I started to formulate my own skin care range.”

Juno Skincare officially launched in 2015 and has been going from strength to strength picking up awards and nominations including from The Beauty Shortlist.

The 17 products, all except the candles and diffusers, are made by hand by Julie at her home in Southwick.
She said: “I really researched what oils worked with the skin and would heal deep down and repair.
“I didn’t want it to make the skin look oily .”

The Juno Joie Face Oil refines and balances all skin types, and was the first product that Julie made for herself.
Its ingredients include rose hip oil alongside kiwi and pumpkin seed, which consists of zinc, vitamin C, E.
The oil is one of Juno Skincare’s most popular products.
“I want the products to make the skin look radiant,” Julie said.
“The product is about layering all the elements to find the right balance.
“It is just me and David involved in the business at the moment.
“We buy all the natural, organic, raw ingredients, blend the oils, make the products and then box them off and ship them.
“It is a real labour of love.”
David added: “For us it is about getting the best out of the ingredients and creating the best product.”

As for the name Julie wanted something that was representative of her.
“I was born in June as well so looked at Juno.
“She is a Roman goddess and the protector of women keeping a watch over all aspects of their lives which I really liked.
“She is also always pictured with peacocks which is why we have that on our logo.”

Juno Skincare is very proud to be used by AllBright, an exclusive London club for working women, in its wellbeing spa.
“We have been asked who our peers are and who we look up to - people like Jo Malone who has a pretty similar start to us before she sold it.
“It is about passion and building your business out of something you love.”
Julie added: “We are lucky that our business has grown really organically.”

For more on Julie and to view the entire Juno Skincare range, visit www.junoskincare.com


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