Make life better for your staff and business with Superengaged

The boss of a Brighton marketing agency has written a best-selling book on how to make sure your employees are superengaged’.

Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 8:25 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 9:30 am
NikkiGatenby, author of Superengaged

Nikki Gatenby, managing director of Propellernet, said the company quadrupled its revenue, and generated 10 times more profit in just 10 years just by making staff feel valued. In fact, 90 per cent of staff say they feel engaged.

In the book Superengaged, Nikki explains how global research shows just 30 per cent of employees are engaged at work, meaning there’s 70 per cent of people who aren’t.

“What a waste of our collective energy.” Nikki said. “We can solve a lot of problems on this planet by having people more engaged in what they are doing.”

She directly links staff engagement to company performance, and shares her make life better’ mantra.

Propellernet, which has 60 staff, tries to make life better for its staff in a number of ways.

These include allowing staff training days to follow their passions, organising trips to the Alps, and the innovative Dream Ball initiative.

Each staff member writes down their dreams, and when they hit targets, the wish that’s picked from the Dream Ball machine is fulfilled. Dreams that have come true for employees have included going on safari and finding someone’s Dad.

And sometimes several dreams are granted. One of Propellernet’s founders Jim Jensen wanted to try his hand at property development, and Nikki knew that many of her team wanted to get on the property ladder.

He used money from the business to buy a house in Brighton, which he renovated, and then sold to Propellernet employees struggling to get on the property ladder. The profits then went into the business.

But why has Nikki decided to share the company’s secret to success?

She said: “It has gone global, I’ve had feedback from all over the world. I am so overwhelmed by the positive feedback.

“My ambition is the ripple effect of make life better’ goes way beyond the walls of the agency.”

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