Proposal for temporary ice rink in Hove is put to council

A proposal for a temporary ice rink at the King Alfred in Hove has been put to the council by Sussex Ice Rink.

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 5:40 pm

The group wants to construct an all-year round ice facility on the wasteland above the old tenpin bowling area, which would be in place for a minimum of three years.

It says the scheme would utilise an abandoned brownfield site, generate a new revenue stream and make the King Alfred ‘fashionable and popular once more’ – attracting an estimated 200,000 visitors to the area a year.

Sussex Ice Rink has written to the council with its idea, and is seeking approval of the concept in principle ahead of submitting a formal detailed proposal for the project.

An impression of the proposed ice rink in Hove
An impression of the proposed ice rink in Hove

An ice skating facility has long been overdue in the city, according to Sussex Ice Rink.

A spokesman said: “With the build up to the 2022 Winter Olympics next February we believe that this would be a perfect time to launch this pilot scheme and put an ice rink in the city to the test.”

The group hopes that the temporary facility will help determine whether it is viable to include a permanent state-of-the-art ice rink as part of the King Alfred’s future development.

The proposed temporary indoor rink would measure 54m by 29m in size and would be suitable for ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating and ice skating for all abilities and levels.

An impression of the proposed ice rink in Hove

There would also be seating for 250 people and a cafe, which would have seating for 100.

The group says it can also help the council find a trusted partner for the scheme.

“This project is live and much work has been done,” the spokesman said.

“This project stands for immediate action, generating a new revenue stream, adding a new dimension and enhancement to the King Alfred Leisure Centre and giving it a final new lease of life during the final years of the leisure centre as it stands today whilst putting the argument of whether an ice rink would pay for itself or not to bed.

“There is no time like the present and no place like the King Alfred to test the demand for such a facility, and at no risk to the council.”

Sussex Ice Rink said there was public support for an ice rink.

There have been several proposals for a facility in the city since the rink in West Street – which was home to ice hockey team the Brighton Tigers, who beat the Soviet Union in 1957 – was closed in the 60s.

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