Skills app launched to help students

A digital tool to boost students' employability has been developed by a university business expert.

Monday, 9th January 2017, 3:39 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 5:00 am
Clare Griffiths. Picture by Jim Holden

Clare Griffiths, Business Development Manager at the University of Brighton, has launched SKILLS ON TAP UK – a free, digital tool which enables students to rate themselves against the skills and mindsets most sought by employers, and helps them find graduate jobs, schemes, and internships.

Clare’s idea won the 2016 Brighton Digital Award, sponsored by Santander Universities to reward the best ideas for improving students’ lives.

She went on to develop the web app with support from the university “after witnessing countless times the difficulties faced by students when trying to articulate their skills and experience”.

Clare said: “Many employers are telling universities that they place as much value on students’ skills, mindsets, and work experience, as they do on their academic qualifications, according to the Confederation of British Industry and Pearson.

“So, for students to present themselves in the best light, they need to be able to explain clearly how their university experience has benefited them personally and professionally. The SKILLS ON TAP UK web app is designed to help students work out which employability skills they have, and which ones they can further develop whilst studying, working, or volunteering.

“It not only benefits students and graduates but also employers. Whilst graduate recruiters have a fantastic range of jobs, schemes, and internships on offer, information about these work opportunities doesn’t always reach as many people as it could. According to the market research company High Fliers, more than 1000 graduate vacancies were left unfilled in 2015.”

In response to this, Clare intends to partner with employers who want to publish information about their company within the web app, so that students and graduates can find out more about the different opportunities available to them.

Clare’s vision is for SKILLS ON TAP UK to become the UK’s most popular employability web app – used in every university across the country.

Students and graduates wanting to boost their employability can gain free, lifetime access to the web app by signing up at And employers interested in partnering with SKILLS ON TAP UK to help Clare achieve her vision, should get in contact via