Some highlights of the Brighton Digital Festival 2014

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Friday, 1st August 2014, 11:15 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:58 pm

Conference highlights

Reasons to be Creative

September 1-3, 10am - Brighton Dome

Reasons to be Creative is an affordable three-day conference for web designers and coders who are passionate about their work and that of their peers. It is aimed at anyone with a creative mind eager to get their inspirational fix. Among this year's speakers are Mr Bingo, Brendan Dawes, Kate Moross, GMUNK, Sara Blake, and Lernert and Sander.


September 3, 10am '“ Duke's at Komedia

Innovation happens when things are brought together in fresh ways. Ideas from outside of your field can make a profound impact when brought into step with existing practice. Dots is a new conference all about sharing and celebrating these innovations as well as the people behind them.

Improving Reality

September 4 - Brighton Dome Studio Theatre

Lighthouse's digital culture conference is the festival's flagship opportunity for considering, debating and experiencing the relationship between design, art and technology and how a critical approach to all three can contribute to a better world. This year's theme - 'Visibility is a Trap' - is a response to the tension between our increasing tendency to share our daily lives on public platforms and our desire and right for privacy.


September 5 - Brighton Dome

dConstruct 2014 is a one-day gathering of super-smart people who will provoke, entertain, and stimulate you with their thoughts on this year's theme of 'Living With The Network'. You will hear from artists, writers, hackers, and coders about surveillance, connected devices, big data, and just about everything the network touches.

Brighton SEO

September 11 and 12, 9am - Brighton Dome

A free one-day conference expecting more than 2,000 of Europe's best digital marketers, it is hands-on, detailed and practical. And it is attended by delegates from agencies, in-house marketing teams, and business owners from across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Brighton Digital Marketing Festival

September 18 - Brighton Dome Corn Exchange and other venues

This year's digital marketing festival boasts a better line-up than ever. With industry leading keynote speakers from SmartInsights and the Financial Times, followed by insightful workshops, there will be something for everyone to take back to the office to improve their marketing skills .

Arts and culture exhibitions and events

Critical Engineering

September 2-26 - Lighthouse

Berlin-based artists, Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev, present Critical Engineering. The exhibition presents sculptures and installations that offer an opportunity to explore the problems created by our increasingly-technologised environment, calling for increased transparency in our technological, social and political infrastructures.

Beyond the Bright Black Edge of Nowhere

September 4, 8pm - The Old Market

This is the story of something very strange that happened in 1959 in America. What happened was so strange, in fact, that none of the people directly affected by the story have been able to tell it for over 50 years; it is a story which has become almost entirely lost. A story told through cut-ups of 1950s B-movies, promotional films, and commercials - with a live electronic score, live classical instruments and eight monologues.

The Measures Taken

September 26, 7.30pm - The Old Market

Visually striking and kinetically charged, The Measures Taken created in collaboration with Alexander Whitley Dance Company and digital media artists Marshmallow Laser Feast, explores our interdependent relationship with technology. With the choreographic process rooted in the digital collaboration, the work is both a dialogue and a duet between human movement and the digital world.

Intelligent entertainment

The Hidden Web

September 1-28 - Throughout Brighton

Intrigue and adventure awaits those who enter the hidden web. Sign up online and the story begins with an email from a mysterious friend. Locate the clues hidden around Brighton and Hove, solve the puzzle, and uncover a secret that will change the way you see the world forever!

Persistent Peril v Paul Hayes: Kalimba Song '“ 2014

September 12-14 - Lick Warehouse

Kalimba Song is a music video for the band NLF3 transformed into a virtual reality 'dark ride' instillation. Made out of interlocking perspex designs, Lego track, the 'eye-mirror' lens, GoPro cameras, and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The physical ride will be built out of Lego '“ but, via the Oculus Rift, you can virtually ride it, look around it and experience it as if you were on it.

Warning! Contains Nerdity

September 16, 7.30pm - The Old Market

Get ready to turn yourselves off and on again for a show that proudly shuns analogue for digital, rejects dial-up for broadband, and puts the .com into .comedy. Where it belongs. Hosted by Festival of the Spoken Nerd's own geek songstress, Helen Arney, with guest appearances by some of the finest tech-enabled performers from stage, television, and the internet, it is a night that will press all the right buttons to reboot your laughter circuits.

Matt Parker: Now in 4D

September 23, 7.30pm - The Old Market

Matt Parker, award-winning maths comedian and Rubik's Cube world-record-holder, is on tour again. This time in 4D. Fresh from his 2013 solo show "Number Ninja" and the sell-out 2014 Festival of the Spoken Nerd UK tour, he is once more forming a maths + comedy Venn diagram, with lively stand-up and mind-boggling maths. Now with more dimensions than ever before.

Family-friendly events

Brighton Mini Maker Faire

September 6 - Corn Exchange

The interactive Mini Maker Faire was one of the most popular events of 2013. It is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness, with exhibitor highlights including live-action Pac Man, 3D chocolate printing, and radio-controlled combat robots.

Little Bo Beep

September 1-28, Across the city

Little Bo Beep has lost her (digital) sheep and it is up to the people of Brighton and Hove to find them. Brighton Animators Network Group (BANG!), in collaboration with creative digital studio RamJam, present 'Little Bo Beep has lost her (digital) sheep' '“ a free community event awarded by the Brighton Digital Festival Grassroots Fund.

Laser Light Synths

September 6, 8pm - New Road

In the festival's opening week, Laser Light Synths lets members of the public become musicians, using bespoke touch-activated musical instruments filled with hundreds of high power LED lights. As you play, the sounds trigger a laser light spectacle, running up the columns of the Unitarian Church.


September 13, 20, 27, 1.15pm and 3.15pm - Jubilee Library

Using Minecraft, this event will show you how to work as a group and come up with ideas for the future of your town. It will teach your child how to work within a team of other like-minded children, how to form brilliant ideas and opinions about the future of their town and, finally, how to build beautiful pitches that we can show to the council.

Project launches

The Nimbus Project

Nimbus, a new immersive sound art app featuring Chris Watson's precise and stark sound recordings of the natural world, will be launching at Brighton Digital Festival and available for free download from September 2014.