A-level results: Roedean achieves best grades for more than a decade

Roedean College celebrated excellent results
Roedean College celebrated excellent results

A-level students at Roedean have achieved the school’s best A* grades in more than a decade, with 54.8 per cent of grades being A* or A this year.

The independent girls’ school said 44 per cent of girls got at least one A* in their sets of results and a third got three As or higher.

This year sees the first wave of results from the reformed “harder” A level exams ushered in by Michael Gove and with much more emphasis on final exams and less on coursework. Five girls got straight A*s.

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Head of sixth form Gemma Hannan said: “We are delighted with how our girls performed this year in light of the challenge they faced sitting the new style A levels.

"It’s been well documented that girls tend to perform best when results reflect consistent hard work through coursework, rather than performing in a do-or-die manner on the day of the exam, so we are all the prouder of their fantastic achievement.”

Results also showed a higher than average performance in science and maths at Roedean.

In chemistry, 66.7 per cent of grades were A* or A, in further maths that figure was 78.6 per cent and in biology 58.3 per cent.

Headmaster Oliver Blond said: “Both staff and girls have worked incredibly hard and they deserve these wonderful results. But what pleases me most is that the grades have not been achieved at the cost of other pursuits.

"Girls still put on school musicals, played tennis and netball fixtures, designed race cars, played all manner of instruments in the Brighton festival and at numerous concerts or simply spent time with their friends. I’m very proud of that.”