Rudyard Kipling Primary School and Nursery celebrates 60 year anniversary with time capsule

Students, staff, governors, alumni, local councillors, and even the school dogs came together to celebrate a Brighton school’s 60th year on Friday (4 October).

Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 4:38 pm
alumni celebrating the school's 60th anniversary
alumni celebrating the school's 60th anniversary

A huge conga of all the pupils travelled around the school grounds and a fabulous party took place at Rudyard Kipling Primary School and Nursery.

The school council put together a time capsule containing photos from the day, pictures of the school therapy dogs, Hugo and Buddy, and drawings from each year group depicting what they think the school will be like in 60 years.

Pupils chose to place pens and pencils inside the time capsule as a number of them predicted that, by 2079, they would no longer be used.

Pupils and staff spell out the school's name to celebrate its 60th anniversary

The capsule will be buried in the school grounds alongside strict instructions for future generations to open it in 60 years time.

A celebratory assembly saw three former pupils who attended the school 60 years ago fascinate current pupils with stories about Sergeant Major teachers and how they cleared the grounds of spent ammunition and shells from World War Two.

Children also asked lots of questions about school dinners in the 1950s.

Funds raised at the school’s birthday party will be invested to make the school a great place to learn for generations to come.

Celebrations for the school's anniversaryc

Rudyard Kipling Primary School and Nursery has several open days coming up for prospective 2020 students and their parents.

To find out more visit their website here

Students at Rudyard Kipling Primary School, Woodingdean gather together to celebrate the anniversary