Add a splash of colour to your yoga workout with Wolf and Mermaid

As a yoga teacher Eve Hardcastle says she regularly found herself teaching in yoga studios that felt dull and grey.

Monday, 10th February 2020, 2:11 pm
Updated Monday, 10th February 2020, 2:16 pm
Meditation cushion

“When I practice yoga myself and when I teach yoga, I can feel the colour and energy coming out of me and out of the students I teach,” she enthuses.

“I wanted to create yoga products that made people feel something, evoke something, or maybe even matched how they might be feeling.”

This is why she started Wolf and Mermaid, a Brighton-based conscious holistic brand with products featuring Eve’s own designs.


“I wanted people to look down at their mat and be emerged in a world that inspired them, while also grounding them,” she explains.

“I wanted to create something that brought a smile to anyone’s yoga practice. I wanted products that could also invite you to come to practice on your mat, be it at home or in the studio. Something beautiful you could leave out. I wanted to bring life and colour back into people’s yoga practices and into their lives, because no-one needs dull spaces and everyone can enjoy colour.”

Eve creates designs using inks and resin using fluid art techniques to create the art on canvas.

“Once I’m happy with the colours and design, I take photos that are then digitally printed onto the products using non-toxic dyes.”

Yoga mat

The designs are used on 3mm thick yoga mats, as well as travel mats, bolsters, meditation cushions, eye pillows, yoga bags and yoga journals.

All Wolf and Mermaid’s products are made from 100 per cent eco-friendly materials and printed with non-toxic dyes.

All of the yoga mats are made with natural tree rubber and all filling of bolsters and cushions are 100 per cent organic and hand filled in the UK.

And ten per cent of the profits are given to an environmental cause.

The idea came to Eve after a trip to Bali.

“I was devastated by the destruction to the coral reefs I witnessed on a snorkelling boat trip.

“There was a huge amount of dead coral across the shores and it made me want to do something about it.

“Our oceans make up 71 per cent of our world, and I wanted to help to bring coral back, to then bring life back to the reefs. I also wanted people to know that when they bought a Wolf and Mermaid product this would also mean they would be giving back in some small way.”

The money is given to the Coral Reef Alliance.

Eve studied a BA Hons in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

“I went on to specialise in print design. I really love the process of printing as well as playing with moving from canvas to digital. In my designing process, I play with original art made with paints and inks, and then digitalising this image in CAD.

“All the prints I create have an intention behind them, to stir and evoke some sense of feeling, some sort of lift and elevation.”

As for her passion for yoga she says she loves how it makes her feel.

She says: “ How after a one-hour class you can feel totally differently to how you felt when you came in.

“I also love how the yoga asanas (postures) get you to really connect to your body and to your breathe. There’s something about this that deeply connects you to yourself that feels like coming home…for sometimes the first time ever.”

Eve chose the name Wolf and Mermaid as she wanted to bring together two different elements symbolising yoga and art.

“I wanted to bring together the strength of yoga as well as the fluidity of art and offer something unique and different,” she explains

“Something for the wild and brave.

“I suppose within me there is also a wolf and mermaid, perhaps maybe in all of us.

“Wolf for me represents my inner roar, the power you can feel on the mat, the sweat and the burn, the push and the strive in life and the hunt and the chase to make your dreams come into a reality.

“The mermaid represents to me the flow of the art. The water element in the prints, for me express a slower gentler energy that also lies within yoga.”

And Eve’s advice to anyone thinking of doing a yoga class for the first time?

“Go,” she answers.

“The first major hurdle to get over is to actually get yourself to a class. Try and go with a friend, so it feels less daunting and also try a beginner’s class rather than an intermediate straight away.

“Also, I know the front of the class feels terrifying and the back feels safe, but the thing is with the back of the class you won’t be able to see or hear very much so I’d aim for the middle.

Also start by trying a vinyasa or hatha yoga class if you are new.

“These classes are often fun, gentle and cover the basics. From there you can try other classes.

“Yoga will change your life.”

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