Brightonians 'most adventurous cooks in UK', according to Marks and Spencer

Woman and man cooking
Woman and man cooking

People from Brighton are the most adventurous cooks in the UK according to Marks and Spencer.

A survey of the nation’s cooking habits reveals that Brits spend less than 2 per cent of their time prepping an evening meal, and 60 per cent of those surveyed say that convenience is a priority, and on average, most people only know six recipes by heart.

The new research by M&S to celebrate its new Cook with M&S range, which includes over 175 innovative foodie hacks and ingredient shortcuts and further stats for Brighton reveal that:

People in Brighton are the most adventurous cooks in the UK, with 40% of locals believing nothing holds them back in the kitchen

People in Brighton believe the most important part of having a weekday meal at home is the opportunity to spend quality time with family (40%)

34% of people in Brighton eat with their family every night of the week

On average, most people in Brighton spend under 20minutes prepping a weekday meal (43 per cent)

People in Brighton prefer to eat their weekday meal in front of the TV than anywhere else (42 per cent)

Pasta is the favourite mid-week meal of people living in Brighton (44 per cent)

A spokesman for M&S said: "M&S has delved into the UK’s dinner plate with an extensive survey of over 5000 people to reveal the challenges modern cooking habits. The report reveals that Brits love dinner-time more than ever but are stuck in Groundhog Day, eating the same food night after night, held back by a lack of time, energy and inspiration.

"Last year 189 million more evening meals were consumed at home than in 2017 (Kantar). However the strain of hectic modern life is forcing Brits to spend less time in the kitchen, with the majority wanting to spend under 20 minutes prepping their evening meal.

"UK searches on Google for 'quick dinner ideas' has grown over 50 per cent over the last two years, with the same search on YouTube increasing by over 75 per cent. "