Boris Johnson's 'roadmap' - Sussex readers' hopes for Monday

What do you hope will be included in the PM's roadmap out of lockdown on Monday? This was the question our newspapers posed to its Facebook readers.

Monday, 22nd February 2021, 8:56 am

As expected there was a range of hopes and fears expressed by the hundreds of readers who answered the question, but one thing stood out ahead of all else and that was the need to see family and friends.

Whether it was the reintroduction of the rule of six, socially distanced catch ups outside, or a cup of tea indoors, the need for social interaction and to see loved ones has come out on top of people's wishes.

Maggie Moo from Bognor said all she wanted was 'to be able to hug my 82 year old dad and sit down and have dinner with him and the family'.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson talks during a Covid-19 media briefing in Downing Street on February 15, 2021 in London. Photo by Stefan Rousseau - WPA Pool/Getty Images

But many of those who responded on our Facebook pages did express a note of caution, with a plea for the government to take things slow, listen to scientific advice, and if need be keep the country in lockdown.

Zena Brooker from Hastings wrote: "I just hope we come out of lockdown slowly. None of us want lockdown again. We must be sensible and patient and please follow the rules. We have come so far, don’t spoil it now! Unfortunately there are always those who think whatever our government does is wrong."

Kian Garin Scott-Loach was one reader who commented on the Mid Sussex Times page, stating he wanted to see 'a strategy that is based on the science and avoids the need for repeated escalating infection rates, u-turns and lockdowns.'.

Likewise Michelle Molloy from Littlehampton wrote: "Decisions made on scientific facts and research. Coming out of a lockdown to keep people happy will only see us straight back in it again."

And June Burke from Crawley wrote: "That he [Boris] will listen to advice and do what is required to keep us all safe and hopefully prevent another mutation. If that means no change for a few more weeks so be it."

Other things readers said they missed and would like to open soon were hairdressers and gyms, with the reopening of pubs and the ability to hold weddings again also featuring high on people's wish list.

There was a debate about whether schools should reopen, with some parents saying they believed they should while others argued it was too soon or should be staggered.

However, many readers said they felt key workers, and in particular school and nursery teachers, should be vaccinated next.

As expected, frustration at how the pandemic has been handled in the UK was raised, with calls for Boris to resign a popular theme among commentators.

The Chichester Revolutionary Action Party took to the Chichester Observer Facebook page to write: "An admission of the numerous mistakes that have been made that have led to 120,000 deaths. Perhaps if they learn from those mistakes this should be the last lockdown. Also an announcement about an independent enquiry into the handling of the pandemic."

Debbie Dilks from Worthing added: "I would like an end to all the speculation and leaks from the government. I would like to see a decisive plan with guidelines that didn't contradict each other and were logical."

Support for disabled people who have been 'completely abandoned' was raised by Karen Atkinson from Worthing while others mentioned the importance of mental health and addressing the inequalities in our society.

Sports, the reopening of swimming pools, beauty salons, shops, entertainment venues, and the ability to travel abroad were all mentioned.