Brighton mum’s desperation to help her child's eczema leads to a thriving family business

With one in ten adults and one in five children suffering from eczema this Brighton business could be the answer.

Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 9:16 am
Ellie, Natalie and Lula

Most parents will do whatever they can to make their children’s lives better.

For Natalie Balmond this saw her launch her own skincare business.

From the age of eight months her daughter Lula suffered from terrible eczema.“It was so bad she looked liked a burns victim,” Natalie said.“The doctor wanted her to go to Great Ormond Street for treatment it was that bad.“She would only get two hours sleep a night as she was so sore and itchy.”

Balmonds skin care

After spending hundreds on different lotions and potions Natalie decided to take matters into her own hands and researched natural remedies and traditional ways of treating skin conditions.“I was in my kitchen throwing in a bit of this and a bit of that but when I used it on Lula it started to work.“Then I had to work backwards to figure out how much I had used.”

Natalie explains how many creams have water and preservatives in which can irritate the skin.“I decided to take all that out and only put good, natural things in.”

It contains a mixture of calendula, chickweed, nettle and chamomile, herbs which tackle the symptoms of eczema, and hemp seed oil, safflower and olive oil to nourish the skin.Natalie said: “Beeswax holds them all together to create a seal on the skin and lock the moisture in.“Whereas the hemp oil delivers a huge amount of essential fatty acids to the skin, which is often what is missing in people with dry skin.”

What is important about the Skin Salvation is that it moisturises, protects and feeds the skin.


After giving pots to friends and selling it at school fairs a local paper run a story about Natalie in which she said if anyone wants to try a pot to send a cheque.“I got hundreds of letters which showed me how many people are suffering. One in ten adults have eczema and one in five children.”

That was in 2002 and now Balmond’s has a number of products alongside the Skin Salvation including shampoos and hair oils.“We have about 14 products and have added them when people have asked for it such as the lighter moisturiser to use more often or a shampoo.“But we have no plans to add any more flavours we aren’t about that really we are about the core product and using the best ingredients.”

The Skin Salvation recipe is pretty much the same as when Natalie made it in her kitchen.

However now she has 13 members of staff and a workroom in Brighton.“The Skin Salvation ointment is by far our most popular product and to see thousands go out on a pallet is pretty amazing.“We aren’t a beauty brand but a solution brand.”

The ointment is good for use on cuts or grazes, psoriasis, and other problem skin conditions such as eczema.

As for Lula’s eczema now, Natalie said: “It hasn’t got rid of it completely but it became more manageable.”She added: “The products can be used by all the family.“The ointment and lotions can be used by your mum, gran and your children, so you only need one product rather than ten.“I like to think of it as the thing your grandmother would have in her cupboard.“It is a traditional remedy using things that you can find in your garden.”

Balmond’s offers free postage and a 60-day money back guarantee.

It is also stocked by Holland and Barrett and Ocado.

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