Christmas with Paloma Faith

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Christmas is a time of sharing and Paloma Faith talks roller skates, Christmas dinner and Gremlins.

We all have a favourite Christmas present from our childhood be it a Barbie Porsche or a Superman costume, for the London-born singer it was a pair of Fisher Price roller skaes.

"I have a cassette tape recording of my mother asking me what I would like one Christmas and true to self I replied 'nothing' and she says to me 'Paloma you must want something, if you could have anything in the world what would it be?' And I said 'Fisher Price roller skates'.

"I love that tape. Memory is a funny thing because I probably would have forgotten those skates if I didn’t have the tape. I used to skate up and down my street on them because I wasn’t allowed on the road."

But what about dinner, while many of us opt for the traditional turkey roast it seems Paloma isn't keen.

"I hate turkey so I have to be imaginative about the meat," she said.

Paloma's updated Architect album Zeitgeist edition

Paloma's updated Architect album Zeitgeist edition

"I am a huge fan of Jamie Oliver’s best roast potatoes and I love sprouts in the oven with balsamic and honey. An amazing combo. Every year I always do all the cooking and have all the guests I like my house to be welcoming and warm and fun.

"I like to have a nice breakfast and go through the stockings and then start cooking. It’s a lot of work I usually feed 10."

At the end of November Paloma also released a Christmas charity song - 'Silent Night' which also features the Pampers #ThankYouMidwife Choir, a collective of UK parenting influencers, such as Clemmie Hooper (Mother of Daughters), Georgia Jones, the wife of Danny from McFly, and Candice Braithwaite, who all appear in the music video.

For every download £1 will be donated to The Royal College of Midwives Benevolent Fund, which will be used to support midwives in times of need.

According to research 72 per cent of babies are born outside of normal working hours and 4am is the peak time for births.

One in three midwives in the UK say they feel undervalued and underappreciated considering the relentless working schedules.

To get in the festive spirit we asked some quick fire questions for the singer to answer.

Do you open any presents on Christmas eve?

"One on Xmas eve! It stems from my childhood my mother was always very excited about Christmas and used to say let’s open one and I still do today."


"Yes. I have a pillow case, I basically replicate what I had as a kid. Nothing in the stocking is ever wrapped and I can fit quite a lot in a pillow case."

Abroad for a holiday or stay at home over Christmas?

"I like to go away just after Christmas for some winter sun. I over work usually and really rely on these holidays to rehabilitate."

Dream present?

"A Leica camera they take lovely pictures. I am also a bit obsessed by Gucci."

Having grown up in London have you ever experienced a proper white Christmas?

"Yes in the 80s. Our garden was about a metre squared and it was all white . I built a snowman and my cat walked about in it and left paw prints. It was very magical until the sludge a few days later."

Real tree or fake tree?

"Fake tree it’s better for the environment and no needles.

"I go to town on the tree yes and over the years I’ve got some excellent ones. This year my fave purchase has been an avocado on toast bauble."

Favourite Christmas movie?

"Gremlins because it’s weird and dark and reminds me of my childhood."

Favourite Christmas song?

"Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt. She really sexed it up."

Do you still do Christmas cards, a lot of people seem to think an e-card is fine?

"I do cards I think it’s nice to do them and thank people for everything they have done with you that year.

Has having a child of your own made Christmas a much more magical holiday?

"I think so. I have already started explaining the magic of Christmas by reading the stories and explaining the whole thing.

"My little one is not very aware of it all right now but just starting to come to terms with it."

Paloma Faith’s The Architect - Zeitgeist Edition is out now via RCA Records


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