Beelzeburger taps into East Street

At first glance you might think the menu offers American diner food, but check again.

Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 10:37 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:24 am

Beelzeburger has just opened in East Street Tap on East Street, offering burgers, chips, sides and desserts with a delicious twist to suit most Brightonians.

All the food is plant-based, vegan.

For their first few days, Beelzeburger didn't publish their location, leaving people to forage in the streets, flick through clues on Instagram and Facebook, and hear through word of mouth watering mouths where this nouvelle cuisine might be.


“We just let out some clues as to where we were and put those out on Instagram and Facebook and people just turned up.

“The first person that turned up came in and said 'Is Beelzeburger here?' And we videoed giving them the first burger,” said Luke Semlekan-Tansey, founder of the Beelzebab and Beelzeburger.

The patties are made of seiten mixed with herbs and spices and are combined with other flavours to make unique vegan burgers.

“We make all the burgers by hand.”

“We are probably going to expand and do one or two more burgers and some more desserts. At the moment we do a sundae and a pineapple fritta with some ice cream, but I want to do a deep fried banana split.”

Luke went from doing weekend stalls at a street market called street diner to setting up the popular Beelzebub that has been running in the Hope and Ruin for two years, and now Beelzeburger.

Yet he adds:“I have no idea what I am doing.”

The name?

“Someone commented ‘oh you should call is Beelzebab’. A month later we were opening and I hadn’t decided on a name so just went with that” Luke added.

The Hope and Ruin feature Beelzebab and their 'Dog Of The Month'. You'll find creations featuring 'Pizza Dog', 'Macaroni Cheese Dog', and one mighty 'Kentucky Fried Doggo'.

“Half the fun of this is making up names for things or making something that people really love or abjectly hate”

Lio Knight, 27, an established Beelze fan said:“I go to the Hope and Ruin quite a lot, but Beelzeburger is like the next level up.

“I literally cannot wait to come back because I want to eat the s*** out of a mac and cheese burger.”