The Brighton siblings taking the hassle out of cooking

A brother and sister have joined forces to make convenience food healthy.

Thursday, 25th April 2019, 3:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th April 2019, 4:13 pm

Gemma Harding, who runs Nude Food Prep with her brother Maxwell Smith, got the idea for the business when her daughter was born four years ago.“After I had my first child I wanted to get back into shape and thought I ate well but felt I needed to do something,” she said. “My brother Max is a personal trainer and he talked to me about how to get the protein and carbs I would need and devised a meal plan. “I started to cook the meals for myself, then I started cooking it for my husband, but then friends asked about it and it grew from there really.”

Nude Food Prep gives subscribers the choice to have two, three or four meals a day either five or seven days a week.

Everything is made fresh in the morning and then delivered on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.“Max and I do everything,” said Gemma, 36.“We make the meals, we set up the website, and we deliver it to their offices or home.”


There are eight plans to choose from, including veggie medley, meat stack and bulk and build.

Meals include chilli, chicken fajitas and an aubergine, chickpea and green bean curry with rice.

Max, 31, said: “We started with 12 or 15 meals of things we liked to eat and now have about 30.“We add to it all the time and usually because someone has requested them. We started the fish bundle as someone asked if we did fish so we added that bundle and then another asked about vegan. It is always changing.”

Each dish is fully prepared and just needs heating up.“We are very transparent with what we make,” said Gemma.“There are no hidden extras. The pasta and rice aren’t cooked with any salt or oil. If it says chicken it is chicken, if it says spicy chicken it is chicken with a spice, we don’t have added sauces like sweet chilli or teriyaki.“Everything is clean and healthy.”

Chicken dish

It is for this reason they opted for the name Nude Food Prep, clean food prepared for you.

Max said: “It gives people back their time to spend with family and friends.“We take the hassle out of it for them they get the meal and just need to heat it up.”

The business was officially started in 2017 and Max joined a year ago.“We initially aimed it at the gym market so had meals to help you lose weight or bulk up,” Gemma said.“But friends started to say ‘I would pay for that’ and we realised anyone can use it. We have office workers, and mums who are time poor but want to eat well.“We have realised that people’s needs are very different, not everyone eats breakfast at breakfast time. If you are a shift worker you will get home and want something more substantial.“Some of the dishes I would have as a dinner but for Max it would be lunch or a snack. We are constantly evolving for our customers.”

With a number of dishes available do they have a favourite?“Chicken and egg fried rice, as it has the carbs and protein great post workout,” said Max.Gemma said: “The chilli. I eat it with my kids it is just a really hearty, warming meal we all love.”

Gemma and Maxwell

The lowest calorie meal is the chicken, sweet potato and kale at 177 calories, whereas the chilli has 499.

The dishes are £5.50 each and it works on a rolling subscription.

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