An extra 24 new seafront toilets are being installed to ease the queues for the loos

Brighton and Hove City Council has confirmed it will install portable toilets at six locations along the seafront on Friday.

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 4:52 pm
There will be three more lots of toilets along Hove Lawns from Friday until September

The council said the toilets will be in place in time for the busy bank holiday weekend at sites with high footfall along the seafront, with the aim of easing queueing outside existing toilets.

Each site will have four individual portaloo cubicles, with two sites in Brighton and four in Hove, where demand for public loos has grown significantly in the last year, the council said.

There will also be separate urinal blocks at four of the sites.

The locations, and nearest permanent toilets, are:


• Opposite the Artist’s Quarter near the carousel. Four loos plus one separate urinal. Distance to nearest permanent loo is Shelter Hall or Dalton’s Bastion 400m

• Next to the basketball court. Four loos plus one separate urinal. Nearest, Shelter Hall 200m


• Opposite Brunswick Square on Hove Lawns. Four loos plus one separate urinal. Nearest, Kings Esplanade 460m

• Opposite Adelaide Crescent on Hove Lawns. Four loos only. Nearest, Kings Esplanade 175m

• Opposite Grand Avenue on Hove Lawns. Four loos only. Nearest, Kings Esplanade 180m

• Hove St South near Hove Seafront Office. Four loos plus one separate urinal. Nearest, King Alfred 200m

The council said the six new temporary sites will add to the 14 existing permanent toilets, meaning there will be 20 public toilets sites in total along the seafront. This includes the new toilets at Shelter Hall which opened last week.

There are also dozens of loos in the pubs, cafés and restaurants along the beach.

The temporary sites will be in place for 18 weeks until the beginning of September. They will be cleaned three times a day at the weekends, Bank Holidays and school holidays, and twice on weekdays.

A council spokesman said: "We aim to stock up all our toilets as much as possible with loo paper and soap. However, we cannot predict the amount individual people will use or, unfortunately, guarantee against theft. We therefore encourage people to carry their own supplies were possible…just in case."