Back to Creative Writing School, by Bridget Whelan

Yes. It’s that time of year. New school uniform. Lunch money and forged parental notes.

back-to-creative-writing-schoolYes. It’s that time of year. New school uniform. Lunch money and forged parental notes getting you off games.

I count my blessings every day that I never have to go through the horrors of first day of term syndrome ever again. Although...I do miss that feeling of grappling with a new subject, the thrill of learning something new. I am trying to learn Italian; how I wish I’d paid more attention to grammar at school.

This is the perfect book for anyone even thinking about doing some creative writing, in whatever form that may take. Poetry, plays, novels - anything.

It’s all about defeating the blank page. It’s written by a true professional and it’s crammed full of practical and sensible advice. It will help you produce the best kind of writing that you can achieve.

Some simple questions in the exercise "Inventing People" help you get into the skin of your character (if there were in a bar, what sort of drink would they order?).

My favourite exercise was entitled "Hit and Miss Bibliomancy", as I adore the very thought of a bit of bibliomancy - technically, it’s making a prediction by randomly opening a book - and use it often to decide such life-changing decisions such as, is it time for a gin and tonic yet? Or should I take that trip to Croatia by canoe after all?

I urge to read this if you thinking of writing, it’s immensely useful. And, you don’t even have to be wearing a uniform.