Brighton Chamber: Top tips for podcasting to boost your business

Julian Mayers
Julian Mayers

Podcasts are a great way for your customers, clients and social circle to hear you, your message and your personality and build an audio network around your brand.

Here are Julian’s top five tips for podcasting:

Be yourself - Podcasting for the first time can be daunting and it can take time to find your tone of voice. However, just being yourself and not over complicating it is the best starting point. Sometimes the best podcasts are the simplest, when you’re listening to two people talk about a subject they are passionate about.

Keep it short and frequent - There’s no right or wrong length for a podcast but a general rule is to keep them short and add new content frequently. A series of 10- minute episodes uploaded weekly is better than one hour every six weeks as it keeps up the interest for your subscribers.

Cheap and easy - You don’t need to spend a fortune on audio equipment or recording studios – recording under a duvet is a perfect echo-free environment and so much more cosy. You probably have all the equipment you need to get started. All smart-phones can record sound, audio-editing software comes as standard with most laptops, desktops or tablets and affordable services such as Podbean, Podomatic and Buzzspout exist to host and distribute your podcast.

Think outside your pod - Your podcast doesn’t have to be about your business product or service. Think about what interests your customers and create content they want. For example, if your company sells insurance to students, could you create a cool music review podcast targeted at them?

Show me the money - There are plenty of platforms that allow people to subscribe and download podcasts for free. However, if you want to monetise your podcast there are several platforms, such as Acast, which allow you ways to make money from podcasting in different ways.

Julian Mayers, co-director of Yada-Yada Productions, is leading a Brighton Chamber Bite-sized Learning: An A-Z of podcasting on July 5. For upcoming Brighton Chamber’s Bite-sized Learning sessions, visit: