Brighton Fringe launches with flash mob of performances

Dessie Magee at the Brighton Fringe flash mob at Brighton station
Dessie Magee at the Brighton Fringe flash mob at Brighton station

The official Brighton Fringe brochure launch saw a host of musical acts perform outside Brighton railway station.

At the launch last week, Julian Caddy, managing director of Brighton Fringe, said: “We do a main launch for the artists and for the press.

“For the arts industry, we did one along the pier last week and we do a public launch every year at the station just to make sure we capture the commuter market.”

Explaining what people love about Brighton Fringe, Mr Caddy said: “Brighton Fringe is an open access platform, so anyone and everyone can take part, no matter what their background, their intentions, their aspirations for their work.

“So it means you’ve got an enormously eclectic mix of different individuals and organisations taking part.

“Anything from the big-selling expensive ticket shows in some of the larger venues to schools, colleges, amateur groups and people who are perhaps making a decision later in life to decide to write a play and perform in a one-act piece for fun, and so it’s a big mix.”

Singer-songwriter Dessie Magee kicked off the performances.

“This is my first year of working with Brighton Fringe,” he said. “I’ve been performing since I was about 13 or 14 and I moved to Brighton about three years ago.”

Mr Magee said he was drawn to the city’s music scene and the ‘really high standard’ of performers.

“There’s a company that looks after me at the moment called Skrew Loose and they have organised a series of events which will be happening over the Fringe Festival,” he said.

“Basically the Fringe got in touch saying that they wanted someone to come and help launch the event and here I am.”

Brighton Fringe will be running from May 4 to June 3, 2018, with a whole host of acts throughout the city.

For more information visit or pick up a copy of the brochure.