Brighton learning disability charity says ‘no’ to bedtimes with help from Vince Venus

A campaign is under way to lobby for later nights out for people with learning disabilities.

Tuesday, 19th November 2019, 9:50 am
Party-goers in their pyjamas at the launch of the #NoBedtimes campaign on Tuesday, November 12

Brighton charity Stay Up Late launched the #NoBedtimes campaign on Tuesday, November 12 with a night of live music at Komedia, Gardner Street.

The venue was filled with punters in their pyjamas at the event, which was hosted by musician and Britain’s Got Talent contestant Guy Lloyd, also known as Vince Venus.

According to Stay Up Late, people with learning disabilities are often unable to stay out late to enjoy shows, pub quizzes, and movies because of care arrangements and staff shortages.

The #NoBedtimes campaign aims to give these people the ability to enjoy nights out that are usually prevented by residential home curfews.

Jason O’Neill, an ambassador for Stay Up Late who also works for the charity’s quality team, said: “The #NoBedtimes campaign is important for people with learning disabilities because we do want to have fun and stay up late.

“We’re no different from anyone else and we should have the same chances as everyone else.”

Daniel Randall-Nason, also an ambassador for the charity, said: “When we go out to gigs we want to stay for the whole thing, not leave when the carer says it’s time to go.”

Four bands; Italia 90, Asbo Derek, 2 Decks, and The Golgis took to Komedia’s stage to raise funds for the charity and raise awareness of the campaign.

Stay Up Late is a charity committed to promoting the rights of people with learning disabilities to live the lifestyle of their choosing.

The charity runs the Gig Buddies project which matches adults who have a learning disability to a volunteer who has similar interests.

Find out more about Stay Up Late here.