Brighton McDonald's protest: Social media vents its anger towards 'idiotic' demonstration

Residents of Brighton and the surrounding areas have had their say on a dramatic protest at a McDonald's on Friday (May 17).

Sunday, 19th May 2019, 2:26 pm
DxE protesters at Brighton London Road McDonald's

Brighton's London Road restaurant was closed on Friday evening after animal rights activists spread fake blood and cause disruption to staff and diners.

The story has attracted a great deal of interest across Sussex, with many readers taking to Facebook to share their views on the demonstration.

Despite the story receiving many seemingly supportive 'likes' and 'love hearts', all of the comments on the Sussex Express and Brighton and Hove Independent Facebook posts have condemned the protests.

DxE protesters at Brighton London Road McDonald's

Commenting on the Sussex Express, Tojo Melville said: "They are entitled to their views, but not entitled to push their views onto other people. In fact, this angers me so much that I would not want to join them. I hope they cleaned up after themselves."

Stacey Boxall agreed and commented that she did not have an issue with peaceful protests and suggested they would probably get more interest.

"If you want to be vegan, be vegan," she said. "Not everyone agrees and you're not going to force it on people."

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Brighton McDonald's closed after masked animal rights activists cover restaurant...
DxE protesters at Brighton London Road McDonald's

Helen Roper's comments appeared to play devil's advocate. She said it was not okay to scare children or damage property, no matter how important the cause may be.

She did respond to several negative comments asking why people choose to use the word 'meat' rather than 'animals', suggesting it makes them feel better about their choice.

One comment from Frances Benedetto-Eaves on the Brighton and Hove Independent's Facebook page summed up the negative response succinctly.

"Idiotic way to get their message across, think before you act," she said. "All this did was make people angry and become against the vegan cause."

DxE protesters at Brighton London Road McDonald's

The protest was organised by Brighton activist group DxE. One of the groups organisers set out the reasoning behind the dramatic demonstration in a statement on Saturday.

"We are just a mix of everyday people who have become aware of the atrocities being committed against animals in the food, fashion and entertainment industries and know that these injustices must be challenged and brought to an end," they said.

"Most people don't like animal abuse and would be horrified to know how much needless suffering and death went into what they consume.

"'Land of Hope and Glory' available on YouTube is a UK documentary showing standard practice farming in this country and if people saw that, or took a look at what happens in their local slaughterhouse to factory farmed and so called 'free-range' animals alike, I think they'd know why we are all compelled to do something."