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Be the Change, Brighton
Be the Change, Brighton

Sussex Police has overseen the launch of an innovative programme in Brighton to inspire young people by building their confidence and self-esteem to improve their employment and educational opportunities.

Be the Change, created in 2015, has helped to support 2,000 young people in Sussex and now sees the start of the new Brighton programme with 110 school students from nine Brighton and Hove secondary schools joined the launch event on Thursday, January 31 at the American Express Community Stadium.

Be the Change Brighton

Be the Change Brighton

The programme was made possible following the support and business volunteers from other leading local employers, including headline sponsor Brandwatch and supporting partners American Express, Legal & General, Focus Group and Brighton and Hove City Council.

The volunteer business guides from some of Brighton’s biggest employers were touched by the honest and emotional stories from 13 and 14-year-old local students who shared their experiences and day-to-day challenges at the Brighton Be the Change event.

A total of 110 students and 36 business volunteers took part in activities that focussed on happiness, confidence, hope, relationships and employability, encouraging them to focus on personal qualities as well as qualifications.

Be the Change has been co-developed by Gary Peters of and co-founder Graham Moore of metamoorephosis.

At the ground-breaking launch, the students and business volunteers took part in activities that were created and expertly led by, Graham Moore, a former teacher who understands the challenges facing young people today.

Graham said: “Our vision is for every young person to have raised hope and confidence, to have the chance to develop life skills and create positive cycles that will prepare them for life. Be the Change is a perfect vehicle to help young people develop the qualities and qualifications they need for a better future.

The volunteers and the invaluable support and belief of local businesses adds a further dimension and depth to the engagement and journey the young people will experience.”

Founder of Gary Peters said: “So many people leave school without the tools, confidence or belief to realise their full potential and Be the Change helps ensure our local next generation can thrive, irrespective of any barriers that may be in their way.

“Anybody can work to be the best they can be; it’s our commitment to give them the tools, confidence and inspiration to do so.”

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