Journalism is about much more than news

Sarah Booker-Lewis
Sarah Booker-Lewis

Media is big business.

Media is big business - as Johnston Press’s acquisition of Brighton and Hove Independent proves.

Nikkei, Japan’s biggest media company, bought the Financial Times and Economist last month, also showing confidence in the news industry.

There has never been a better time to become a journalist, as the opportunities are beyond the realm of traditional media.

Exciting things are happening as more people than ever before are consuming news through social media, apps, and blogs.

Journalism is beyond news. It is about communicating and building relationships with an audience. So it is still worth training to be a multi-media journalist.

For almost 10 years, Brighton Journalist Works (BJW) has trained hundreds of people who have gone on to work for businesses as well as mainstream media.

Students study courses accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ). And 90% of graduates get a job in journalism within months of getting their gold-standard qualification.

Precise writing skills and legal knowledge are in demand from a multitude of organisations, from charities to businesses who want to interact with people.

When Helena Murphy studied at Journalist Works she knew news was not for her, but a passion for fashion and social media see her working today as community editor at Urban Outfitters.

She said: “My first job was in digital marketing at Ministry of Sound which was an incredible learning experience.

“A lot of the things I learned in digital marketing overlap with my new role as community editor at Urban Outfitters, so the experience and my NCTJ was really valuable, and ultimately opened the door to an exciting career.”

Aspiring journalists can achieve their dream as places are available on the Brighton Journalist Works part-time evening and weekend course from next month.


Journalism qualifications can open the doors to the best shows and behind the scenes at major events.

Last year, more students achieved the NCTJ Gold Standard at BJW than any other course in the country.

Within six months of completing their course, more than 90% of September 2014 fast-track students were employed in the industry.

Sarah Booker-Lewis is a tutor and communications assistant at Brighton Journalist Works, Argus House, Crowhurst Road, Hollingbury, Brighton. For more information, visit: