New beer celebrates the mysterious 'Beast of Bevendean'

Have you spotted the Beast of Bevendean?
Have you spotted the Beast of Bevendean?

Legend has it that a sandy-coloured cat - larger than a dog - roams the Bevendean Down, according to superstitious locals.

A number of sightings of 'the beast' have been reported by walkers in recent years, along with the savaged remains of animals such as rabbits.

The Beast of Bevendean beer

The Beast of Bevendean beer

The Bevy, a not for profit co-operative pub, is celebrating this tall tale by launching its very own beer, ‘The Beast of Bevendean’, in partnership with Holler Boys Brewery.

The beer will be sold across Sussex and a percentage of the profits will support the pub’s community activity, such as cookery classes for children and local older people’s lunches.

Steve Keegan of Holler Boys Brewery, said: “Pubs are the cornerstone of local life. When I found out about the great things the The Bevy does in its community I had to get involved.

"The idea to brew a beer with the team at The Bevy was a great way for Holler Boys to really help, not only raise the profile of the good things that The Bevy does, but also support the ‘fight’ economically through raising money with The Beast of Bevendean Beer.”

The launch will take place at the Bevy during its annual general meeting on Thursday (October 5), where regulars hope to be treated to a sighting of the famous Beast… as well as sample the new tipple.

The event marks the start of a weekend of festivities to celebrate a national Community Business Weekend, organised by The Power to Change Trust including a craft beer festival.

Mark Gordon, director of communications and partnerships at the Power to Change Trust, said: “We can’t wait for the launch of the Beast of Bevendean ale and we’re looking forward to getting some in time for Christmas to share with our team, networks, families and friends. Great ale, helping support community businesses like the Bevy that are doing so much for local people - what’s not to like!”

The Bevy is the country’s first not-for-profit, co-operatively owned pub on a housing estate and has over 800 mostly local joint owners.

To sample the Beast of Bevendean beer, join the Bevy’s AGM from 7pm on Thursday, or visit the live music festival with 69X all day Sunday at the Bevy pub, 50 Hillside, Bevendean.