Outdoor swimming pool to open on Brighton seafront

Plans for a pool on Brighton's seafront
Plans for a pool on Brighton's seafront

The long-anticipated return of an open-air pool to Brighton's seafront will go ahead later this year, developers have confirmed.

The heated swimming pool on Madeira Drive will open in November after Sea Lanes Brighton Ltd was granted a five-year lease for the former Peter Pan site.

Sea Lanes Brighton Ltd is made up of businesses and individuals that are 'passionate about open water swimming', including members of the Brighton Sea Swimming Club, QED Sustainable Urban Developments, Copsemill Properties and Swim Trek.

Joe McNulty, managing director of Copsemill Properties, said: “The swimming pool will benefit local schools and colleges, and will allow children, parents and carers to take part in sea safety and lifeguard courses.”

The locally-driven development has been designed to benefit the local residents, and the local economy, whilst the wider regeneration plans for Madeira Drive are developed.

It is hoped the pool will 'act as a further catalyst for the regeneration of Madeira Drive', in addition to Brighton Zip, Soho House's plans for the Aquarium Terraces and the proposed renovation of the dilapidated Madeira Terrace.

Work on the scheme is expected to commence later this year.

Alan Robins, chair of Brighton and Hove City Council’s economic, tourism and development committee, said: “Madeira Drive is an important part of the city’s tourism calendar, drawing in thousands of visitors a year to events like the Veteran Car Run and Marathon.

“The Sea Lanes development would be a fitting addition to the eastern end of our seafront and compliment the popular and successful Yellowave beach sports venue. I look forward to seeing the plans unfold.”

The developers will put a temporary pool in place initially, with plans for a more permanent facility to follow. There will also be commercial space at the site.

Mr McNulty said: “By using a kit of moveable and reusable parts, we are able to create a sustainable, robust and affordable solution while permanent plans are developed.

“The pool will be supported by circa 10,000 square foot of commercial space, and the development will create around 70 new jobs and opportunities for the local community, bringing a much needed and long-awaited rejuvenation to a much loved area of Brighton seafront.”

For more information about Sea Lanes Ltd, visit: www.sealanesbrighton.co.uk

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