Pub customers clock in

At the Prince of Wales public house in Brighton city centre, Donna Coe is one of the first to clock in.

It is the village pub in the heart of the city. The Prince of Wales - just outside Churchill Square shopping centre - has seen businesses come and go.

But landlord Trace Barnes, 62, and his son, Aron, 33, always try to keep up with the times. Indeed, the Prince of Wales was the first pub to display real-time bus times on a screen above the bar.

Now, it is raising the bar even further.

To recognise the loyalty of their regulars, Trace and Aron are asking them to clock in. Not to keep check on their comings and goings. Far from it. But to give them a discount on future drinks.

For every 12 hours you spend in the pub (within reason, Monday to Saturday), you can earn vouchers that pay for your favourite tipple.

Obviously MACR rules apply: Mutually-agreed consumption rules: “The normal drinking week is 12 hours. Cardholders who complete a ‘full drinking week’ will be rewarded with vouchers to the value of £5.”

So do not think of spending three hours sipping an orange juice in the hope of getting a free double whisky.

No, Trace and Aron are wise to that. And to keep track, they will be hadning out Prince of Wlaes pound vouchers -complete with a photograph of baby Jack.

That is Trace's grandson and Aron's son.

The third generation is keeping it in the family. So next time you are passing by, make sure you clock in.