Relief from Brighton HMV customers as store is saved

hmv Brighton
hmv Brighton

Entertainment chain HMV have announced the closure of 27 stores across the UK including the flagship store in Oxford Street.

Customers in Brighton were relieved to hear their local HMV in Churchill Square Shopping Centre would stay open.

It is among the 100 stores to be saved by Canadian company, Sunrise Records.

HMV sales assistant, Meggie Reynolds has worked at the store since it opened 18 months ago. She said: “We were named top performing grade two HMV store in the UK, which is great.”

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Keirin Mackuch, 19, from Brighton said: “I’m here for a general browse, I much prefer buying in the shop to online. You can get everything here, videos, music, games. My favourite thing about this shop is they have vinyl - it’s hard to find.

“I feel like it’s heading in the same direction as Blockbuster, that was a bit of a childhood thing for me, get a film and some popcorn - it’s a shame.”

Linda Barden, 68 from Lancing, got the bus in to the city centre this morning. She said: “I suppose people download these days. I come in now and again before we go on holiday, we buy box-sets to watch when we’re away.”

Another HMV customer Greg Newman, 49 from Brighton was “glad” to hear the store would stay open. He said: “I remember the first one closing in Brighton [HMV] is somewhere to browse, there’s nowhere like it in Brighton. I shop online with Amazon occasionally, but I like to see what I’m buying.”