Rob Da Costa: Bite-sized marketing tips on how to be heard in a crowded market

Rob Da Costa
Rob Da Costa

Many of us provide products or services in a crowded and busy market place, so how do you ensure you stand out and are communicating messages that resonate with your target audience?

Here are my top 10 tips for you:

1. Decide if your business is a niche or generalist business.

The more niched you are the easier it is to identify your audience and engage with them.

2. Also the more niched a business, the higher price you can charge because your services become more specialised

3. You need to have a deep understanding of you target customer – what are their challenges, why would they come to you and what solutions are they looking for?

4. Based on the above, work out what you are really selling – what is the benefit to the customer?

5. Remember you are selling VALUE and OUTCOMES to a customer not features or your time

6. You need to make sure you are an aligned business – so if you are targeting the high-end market, you provide high levels of service and charge a high price.

If you charge a low price, you should provide a basic service levels and target a low end market

7. Your pricing should reflect the VALUE you bring your target audience.

Make sure you don’t win business solely based on being the cheapest (unless you are targeting the low end market)

8. Ensure your marketing activities reflects the above points

9. Understand the journey a customer takes when buying your product or service.

Does your marketing communications and sales activities reflect this journey?

10. There are no ‘quick win’ ways to win clients (despite what people may promise) so make sure you have a solid marketing strategy/plan and allocate enough time to deliver it

It’s a challenge standing out in a crowded market and it is often difficult to truly understand what makes us different, so go and talk to your market place to help answer some of the above points, and ensure you implement them in your sales and marketing activities.

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Rob Da Costa is an experienced business coach and mentor. He led a recent Brighton Chamber Bite-sized Learning session on marketing strategies.