The New Sublime wants digital art taken seriously

Two artists disagreed with a recent digital exhibition enough to curate their own.

M-Plummer-Fernandez-second-degeneration-1A recent exhibition of digital art has received mix reviews. Two local artists disagreed with the Barbican’s Digital Revolution enough to curate their own exhibition in response.

The Fortunecats (Brighton artists Shardcore and Sam Hewitt) have been devising and producing interactive digital installations and events since 2008.

Mr Hewitt said: “It is significant for us to relate this kind of work to a gallery space as digital and new-media art seems to be hovering just outside acceptance by the contemporary art world.

“The contribution made by the Digital Revolution exhibition at the Barbican seems to have been to dump digital art in the play-pen of the tech-demo and leave it there until it learns to talk grown-up. Google (if its Dev Art idea is anything to go by) certainly seems content with this.

“We are not.”

Their response is The New Sublime, currently showing at Phoenix Brighton until September 28. The exhibition is showing work from 13 international artists including Julian Oliver, Jan Vantomme, LIA, Henry Cooke, Scenecosme and Marcus Schwittlic.