Carnival organisers ‘very sad’ to postpone event

Kemptown Carnival
Kemptown Carnival

The organisers of Kemptown Carnival have announced the ‘massively disappointing’ decision to postpone the festival for another year.

They said although it was on good financial footing, this year’s event would be postponed to 2019, to give the newly-formed Kemptown Carnival CIC (community interest company) time to develop a new governing body.

Kemptown Carnival SUS-170702-174302001

Kemptown Carnival SUS-170702-174302001

It added that ‘the current national UK climate on public safety and the additional operational challenges that face an open access event required significantly more time than was anticipated’.

The event first took place in 2011, but it took a year off in 2015 and 2017.

Brighton Palace Pier was set to sponsor this year’s event, but said it would support the postponed carnival in 2019.

Mat Cook, Kemptown Carnival director, said: “It is of course massively disappointing to have come so far in the planning to have reached the point where the carnival is on sure financial footing, to then have to move the event back a year, but this is wisest course under the circumstances.

“We have been working on new carnival projects with some fantastic artists and community groups from across Brighton and Hove and these new artistic projects are set to carry over to 2019.

“I would like to thank the Palace Pier for all of their support and also the dedicated local residents who have been giving their time and energy to help get the carnival back on course. I would also like to send a massive thank you to all of the artists and performers, and members of the public that have supported us at our fundraising events over the last year and continue to share their talent and dedication to the Carnival.

“I am very sad that we have had to make this decision and I am sure there will be a lot of disappointed people out there, but as the Kemptown Carnival has become such a huge event, a new robust organisational structure is absolutely essential if the carnival is to go forward and continue on it’s way to becoming a leading carnival arts organisation in the south east.”

Anne Ackord, chief executive officer of The Brighton Pier Group PLC, said: “We are sorry that time is against us for 2018 but we will continue to offer support to this great carnival and are sure that 2019 will be a year to remember.”

The new Kemptown Carnival organisation will be looking to hold a public meeting in the coming months to start planning the 2019 event, and to continue to build ‘solid foundations’ for the new carnival CIC.

Anyone wishing to get involved with the carnival should contact