Council handed £1.5m to encourage cycling and walking to work

Seafront cycle path
Seafront cycle path

Brighton and Hove has been handed a slice of a £64 million government pot to promote sustainable travel.

The city council was successful in its bid to fund a three-year programme to encourage people to use healthier, more eco-friendly transport.

The £1.485m grant will be used to promote travel which improves air quality, reduces congestion and boosts physical and mental health.

Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the city’s environment, transport and sustainability committee, said: “This funding recognises the council’s commitment to helping families, workers, students and visitors to choose travel options other than the car. This in turn reduces congestion, improves bus journey times and brings health benefits along with cleaner air for everyone in Brighton and Hove. The project will help people to access work and training, which will contribute to the local economy, and make Brighton and Hove a successful and prosperous city as we move into the 2020s.”

The council hopes around 10,000 people a year will be reached by the scheme, working with residents, businesses and schools. The project will see the council’s travel team reach out to residents, providing ‘personalised travel planning’ for those who struggle with the costs of travelling to work, education and training. It will also help promote the forthcoming Brighton Bike Share - similar to the ‘Boris Bike’ scheme in London - launching later this year.

Peter Wilkinson, the city’s acting director of public health, said: “This award is great news for the health and wellbeing of our residents. As well as supporting access to employment and education, it will help Brighton and Hove to be a more active city. Promoting walking and cycling as an easy option will have benefits not only for physical health, but also for mental health and wellbeing.”

Over the three years, the council’s travel team will be:

- Giving people the opportunity to have their own personal travel plans

- Helping businesses, schools and universities with travel planning for work and study

- Offering those on low incomes the opportunity to build and keep a bike

- Offering adult cycling and bike maintenance training

- Campaigning on road safety and offer ‘Safer Urban Driving’ courses for drivers of goods and passenger vehicles

- Supporting the roll-out and promotion of the ‘Brighton Bike Share’ scheme.