Council-owned: 185 shops, 59 cafés and restaurants, and 25 farms

All council-owned land and property is mapped online
All council-owned land and property is mapped online

Brighton and Hove City Council owns a surprising number of properties.

Brighton and Hove City Council owns a surprising number of properties, many of which are not used for council services. They are listed in the council's register of property and land assets, which was published in October last year.

Alfresco is one of the 59 cafés and restaurants owned by Brighton and Hove City Council

Alfresco is one of the 59 cafés and restaurants owned by Brighton and Hove City Council

In June, the TaxPayers' Alliance, a pressure group highlighted - in a national report - that the council was landlord to 185 shops and 59 cafés and restaurants, as well as 25 farms. It criticised local authorities for “pleading poverty”, despite holiding a large property portfolio.

At the time, Councillor Warren Morgan said leasing out cafés and restaurants supported tourism, jobs, rental income, and kept the seafront vibrant.

He said: “The important aspect to remember is that, by controlling who rents these properties, we can limit the numbers of different types of retail outlet - whether that’s those selling alcohol or ice cream or beach items which we would not be able to do if they were in private hands."

Here, we publish the addresses of 71 properties that are listed in the "Retail - pub, restaurant, café" category:

Alfresco Restaurant, King’s Road, BN1 2LN;

Bartholomew Square Ground Lease, Bartholomew Square, BN1 1JS;

Blakers Park Timber Chalet Café, Preston Drove, BN1 6LA;

Brighton Seafront Bandstand Café, Kings Road, BN1 2PQ;

County Oak Avenue Public House, County Oak Avenue, Hollingbury, BN1 8DJ;

Dyke Road Avenue Kiosk, Dyke Road Avenue, BN1 5LF;

Dyke Road Park Café Pavilion Café, Dyke Road, BN3 6EH;

East Brighton Park Pavilion Café, off Wilson Avenue, Whitehawk, BN2 5PB;

Hove Lagoon Café Pavilion Café, Western Esplanade, BN3 4LX;

Hove Park Café, Park View Road, BN3 7BF;

Dr Brighton’s, 16 and 17 Kings Road, BN1 1NE;

18 addresses in Kings Road Arches, BN1 2LN, BN1 2FN, BN1 1NB,

Kingsway Café, Kings Esplanade, BN3 2WA;

Kiosk opposite West Street, Kings Road, BN1 1NA;

Lower Promenade Tea Bar and Kiosk, Madeira Drive, BN2 1AY;

Madeira Drive Arches (Units 6 to 8), Madeira Drive, BN2 1PS;

Madeira Drive Arches (Units 15 and 16), Madeira Drive, BN2 1PS;

Madeira Drive Café and Kiosk, Madeira Drive, BN2 1PT;

Madeira Drive Former Police Box, Madeira Drive, BN2 1PS;

Madeira Drive Kiosk, Madeira Drive, BN2 1DZ;

Meeting Place Kiosk, Kings Road, BN1 2PQ;

35 Montpelier Road, BN1 3BA;

Patio Area, 35 Montpelier Road, BN1 3BA;

Mrs Bumbles Café, Western Esplanade, BN3 4FZ;

National House, 21 West Street, BN1 2RE;

25 and 26 New Road, BN1 1UF;

100 North Road, BN1 1YE;

Old Steine Café, Old Steine, BN1 1GY;

Ovingdean Undercliff Café Kiosk, Undercliff Walk, Ovingdean, BN2 7HR;

2 and 3 Pavilion Buildings, BN1 1EE;

7 Pavilion Buildings, BN1 1EE;

Peter Pans Café, Madeira Drive, BN2 1EN;

Preston Park Chalet Pavilion Cafe, Preston Road, BN1 6HN;

Preston Park Rotunda Pavilion Café, Preston Road, BN1 6HN;

Queens Park Pavilion and Café, South Avenue, BN2 0BP;

6B, C and D Queen’s Road, BN1 3WA;

Roedean Miniature Golf Pavilion Café, Marine Drive, BN2 5RL;

Ross Mansions, Ground Floor 44 and 45, Kings Road, BN1 1NA;

Rottingdean Miniature Golf Course Pavilion, Marine Drive, Rottingdean BN2 7JA;

Royal Pavilion Gardens Café Kiosk, Pavilion Buildings, BN1 1EE;

Saltdean Lido, Saltdean Tavern Building, Saltdean Park Road, Saltdean, BN2 8SP;

St Ann’s Well Gardens Café, Somerhill Road, BN3 1RP;

St Peter’s Place Kiosk, Lewes Road, BN1 4SB;

Stanmer House Main Building, Stanmer Park Road , Stanmer BN1 9QA;

Stanmer Stores, Stanmer Park Road, Stanmer BN1 9PZ;

Stoneham Park Recreation Ground Café, Stoneham Road, BN3 5HJ;

42 Sydney Street, BN1 4EP;

The Level Recreation Ground Cafe Pavilion, Velo Cafe, The Level Recreation Ground, Lewes Road, BN1 4SB;

West End Restaurant, Western Esplanade, BN3 4FA;

West Pier Playground Kiosk, Kings Road, BN1 2GQ;

Whitecliffs Restaurant, Marine Drive, Saltdean BN2 8SQ;

Wild Park Café, Wild Park Lewes Road, BN2 3HZ;

Wish Road Pavilion Café Kiosk, Saxon Road , BN3 4LE;

Withdean Sportsman Ground Lease, Tongdean Lane, Withdean BN1 5JS.

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