Brighton woman robbed at knifepoint after selling watch online

Police released an e-fit of a suspect they wish to speak to after a knifepoint robbery in Brighton
Police released an e-fit of a suspect they wish to speak to after a knifepoint robbery in Brighton

Police have released an e-fit of a suspect who threatened a woman with a knife in her Brighton flat.

Sussex Police said the victim had placed an advert for her watch on online selling page Gumtree, and was contacted by a man calling himself Liam.

They spoke on the phone over a couple of days and the man arranged pick up the watch at her flat in Regency Square.

Officers said he arrived at about 10.15pm on Monday, March 27, with another man and went into the flat.

The victim showed the pair the watch, but police said the second men then pulled a large knife and threatened the victim.

Both men fled the scene, stealing the watch, the victim’s iPhone and her bank card, police said.

They are believed to have run to Russell Square in the direction of Clarence Square.

Police said the victim was left shaken by the incident.

The e-fit police have released is of the suspect with the knife. He is described as an Arabic or Asian man, aged about 25, 6 foot and slim, with dark stubble which was patchy. He was wearing a wearing a waist-length jacket made of stiff fabric and possibly a hoody underneath.

Anyone who has an information is asked to report online or email with the reference 1552 of 27/03.

A spokesperson from Gumtree said: “It’s distressing to hear of this ordeal experienced by one of our users. Gumtree is absolutely committed to tackling scams and is currently aiding the police in their investigation of this case.

“We work with police and other authorities on an ongoing basis to prevent this kind of incident from ever happening.

“We encourage all users to read our Safety Advice Pages on the Gumtree website to ensure they have as safe an experience as possible.

“We urge anyone who thinks they’ve come across a scam to report it to us immediately so our dedicated safety team can take action such as blocking the offender from the site and aiding the police with their investigation.

“Millions of people use Gumtree every day and the vast majority have a safe and successful experience.”