Drug addict suddenly punched police officer in face during strip search in Brighton

The attack happened at Brighton Police Station. Picture: Google Streetview
The attack happened at Brighton Police Station. Picture: Google Streetview

A drug addict punched a police sergeant in the face during a strip search at Brighton Police Station.

Adam Bamber, 44, snapped and assaulted three police officers in a nasty attack that left one of them with a concussion, a cracked tooth and ‘blood pouring’ from his mouth.

Police sergeant Daren Egan was unable to eat solid food for two weeks after the savage assault, a court heard.

Bamber, of Ramsons Avenue in Milton Keynes, was sentenced for three charges of assaulting an emergency worker at Lewes Crown Court today.

Prosecutor Michael Shilliday said: “He was stopped in relation to an unrelated matter and placed in a police vehicle.

“During the journey Mr Bamber was largely compliant.”

Defendant lashes out during strip search

He was taken to Brighton Police Station and informed that he would need to be strip searched and the process was explained to him.

Bamber was taken to a cell and then asked to remove his outer jacket. At this point he lashed out at the three officers with him.

“He punched Sgt Egan to the face with considerable force, causing him to be dazed and stumble backwards.

“The other two officers tried to restrain him and in the process a further punch to both of the other officers in the face.”

Describing the arrest of Bamber, Sgt Egan said: “I treated Mr Bamber with respect, compassion and dignity throughout.”

He told the court that he had to be taken to hospital with ‘blood pouring’ from his mouth and part of one his back teeth missing.

“During the first two weeks [after the attack] I was unable to eat solid food.

“I am still unable to swallow properly.”

Bamber 'sincerely sorry' for the injuries caused

Defence barrister Bryan Shaw said Bamber is ‘sincerely sorry’ for the injuries caused to the officers.

He added: “He is a man who suffers from a combination of mental health disorders.”

The court heard that Class A drug addict Bamber is also suffering from throat cancer.

Bamber was jailed for a total of 12 months.