This is why five ‘bank robbers’ were chased through Brighton’s streets

Five bank robbers escaped Presuming Ed’s Coffee House and were chased through central Brighton on Saturday morning.

Monday, 19th July 2021, 3:25 pm
The car chase through Brighton

Passers-by looked stunned as the figures, dressed from head to toe in black, dashed along London Road at about 6am.

But their surprise was short-lived – once they spotted the nearby cameraman wearing a hi-vis jacket.

The raiders were in fact actors filming a promotional video for a new escape-room style attraction.

The car chase through Brighton

The short film, directed by Garry Frost, was made to mark the grand opening of The London Road Police Station, Escape the Cell.

Co-owner Will Armstrong said: “Save Harry Styles, this was our best attempt at shooting an Escape Room Film based in Brighton.

“Thanks so much to Pagoda for allowing us to work with their security cars and guards very early on a Saturday morning when the roads are quieter.”

Permission was sought from Sussex Police before filming, he confirmed.

The car chase through Brighton

The attraction, which is located at Presuming Ed’s Coffee House in London Road, will officially open its doors on Monday, after the launch was delayed by Covid-19.

Visitors will have just 40 minutes to break out of a prison cell.

Find out more and buy your tickets here.

The car chase through Brighton