Brighton and Hove High Prep

Brighton and Hove High School Junior School, Radinden Manor Road, Hove BN3 6NH

Brighton and Hove Prep

Radinden Manor Road

Hove BN3 6NH

01273 280280

Girls (3-11) 233


GSA Termly fees £2,250 to £3,390

Headteacher Sian Cattaneo

ISI Inspection January 18 2011

"The school is highly successful in meeting its aims to provide a high quality, broadly based education for girls in a happy, stimulating and safe environment, supported by a strong pastoral system. From the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) onwards pupils of all ages and abilities show good achievement in both curricular work and extra-curricular activities such as dance, music, drama, and netball. The standard of artwork displayed around the school is exceptional in quality. Pupils throughout the school learn well. They are highly motivated, effective learners who enjoy their work. They focus fully in lessons and in tasks undertaken independently. They display proficiency in all subject skills and demonstrate good subject knowledge. Pupils from the EYFS to the sixth-form are articulate and express themselves with confidence. Teaching in both junior and senior schools is good, and sometimes, excellent. Pupils are inspired by their teachers to achieve success. In many subjects provision is made to extend the more able but this good practice is not extended to all areas. Assessment and marking are good in the junior school but marking requires greater consistency of approach in the senior school."