Brighton College Prep School

Brighton College Prep School, Walpole Lodge, Walpole Road, Brighton BN2 0EU

Brighton College Prep School

Walpole Lodge

Walpole Road

Brighton BN2 0EU

01273 704210

Pupils (8-13) 301


Termly fees £4,750 to £5,880

Headteacher Harry Hastings

Chair Lord Skidelsky

ISI Inspection April 21 2015

"The overall quality of the pupils' achievement is excellent. The pupils develop their knowledge, understanding and skills highly effectively across a broad range of subjects and activities. They fully embrace the school's unofficial motto 'be the best you'. The rich curriculum and the excellent programme of extra-curricular activities carefully support the needs of those of different abilities and ages. Achievements are particularly notable in literacy and mathematics. Activities give pupils a choice based on their interests and skills, building on the school's objectives to create a happy, stimulating, safe and secure school environment where children will be encouraged to reach their full potential. The pupils' success is also promoted by excellent teaching and their exemplary attitudes to learning, which contribute well to their progress. Teaching is particularly effective in motivating and enthusing pupils, and challenging them to think for themselves."