Fairlight Primary School

Fairlight Primary School, St Leonard's Road, Brighton BN2 3AJ

Fairlight Primary School

St Leonard's Road

Brighton BN2 3AJ

01273 601270




Pupils (3-11) 427

Absence 6%

Free school meals 28.3%

Special needs 0.7% (15.7%)

English not as first language 20.6%


KS2 pupils 43

Level 5 21% (24= of 44)

Level 4 74% (38 of 44)

Reading 88%

Writing 81%

Mathematics 84%


KS2 pupils 43

Level 5 16% (32 of 44)

Level 4 72% (35 of 44)

Reading 89%

Writing 95%

Mathematics 95%


Level 5 19% (25 of 43)

Level 4 84% (14 of 43)

Headteacher Damien Jordan

Chair Kay Dawes

Inspection December 16 2014

Overall effectiveness Good

"School leaders are highly ambitious for the school and for its pupils. They make sure that teaching is consistently good and that the curriculum meets the needs of all groups of pupils."; "Governors hold the school’s leaders firmly to account for raising pupils’ achievement and improving the quality of teaching. They know how well pupils are doing in different subjects and year groups, and what leaders have done, and continue to do, to improve teaching across the school."; "Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. They say they feel safe and that the staff look after them well. Their parents strongly agree that this is the case."; "Pupils achieve well because they make good progress from their starting points. By the time they leave the school, they are well prepared for the next stage of their education."