GCSEs: More than 900 A*s for Brighton College students

Triplets Alice, James and Tom Heap
Triplets Alice, James and Tom Heap

Students at Brighton College are celebrating some of the best results in the country, the school said.

The independent school saw 900 students achieve A* grades, with 550 As.

And despite a new system for English and maths, there were 82 grade 9 results, the highest grade that can be achieved.

Eight students produced a perfect score of two grade 9s and nine A*s: Jack Chiu, Joelle Chow, Heather Clark, James Kent, Paras Patel, Jessica Pavey, Luc Smith and Sophie Trevillion.

Headmaster Richard Cairns: “With 900 A* grades and 82 grade 9s in English, Brighton College’s youngsters have so much reason to celebrate. These are likely to be the best results in Sussex for the 10th year in succession”.

Another high achiever Jessica Olliver, who is the school said is 'profoundly deaf' obtained eight A* grades. The Hove schoolgirl says her results show deaf children can overcome the stereotype of underachieving.

The 16-year-old, who had cochlear implants at aged two and eight, said: “I’m quite pleased with my results, I didn’t expect that at all, when I opened the paper I was really shocked.”

She added her disability had made her more determined and added: “Because I hear significantly less than others then it’s like I have to work more to be able to hear what the teacher says, so I have to strain more in classes so sometimes I get more tired than others.

“There is this stereotype that deaf people can’t do as well as others so I wanted to prove that was wrong.”

Jessica said her ambition was to become a lawyer and will go on to study history, politics, maths and geography at A-level.

Twins Dan and Ben Pluck achieved 18 A*s between them. Dan got 10 A*s and two sevens in English literature and language, while Ben gained eight A*s, an A and nine and eight in English.

Ben said: "I was quite happy with it and surprised because it was difficult.

"The new style of exam did affect me as you are not sure what you have to do to achieve top grades, you are not certain like other exams."

Dan added: "It's a lot more demanding on the student but we have a lot of teaching support here."

Triplets Alice, James and Tom Heap from Hove were also celebrating after together achieving 17A*s and 6 As.

The 16-year-olds said they are happy with their results and are now planning to carry on their studies at A-level.

As well as achieving seven A*s and two As, Alice gained two 9s in the revamped English GCSE subjects.

Speaking of the new marking system, Alice said: "It was a bit stressful because it was unknown but I am happy with what I got and it gives a bigger spectrum of results as well which is good."